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JokeDAO - The Whole Enchilada

· 3 min read

Governance can be fun

And funny. As Sean McCaffery, Co-Founder of JokeDAO and seanmc.eth#0163 will tell you, governance doesn’t have to be a somber affair. Along with their co-founders they’ve built JokeDAO, a DAO tooling option that can run everything from on-chain governance to shitpost popularity contests with ease.

JokeDAO 🃏 An open-source, collaborative decision-making platform.

Enter JokeDAO

The schema is simple: create a contest, and deploy it. Users on the platform can then vote on your contest with tokens that deploy for just that contest (if you wish). The platform can handle anything from “What color birthday cake should we choose?” to “Tell me the best joke about hamsters” to “Which workspace tooling should our DAO be using day-to-day?” It does so on-chain and transparently, so you and your community can track progress, previous votes, and run a decision-making platform that’s open and honest.

Disposable tokens and their utility

Central to JokeDAO’s platform is the unique way that tokens are used. That is, they are quite literally used. In many cases they are disposable and unique to a specific contest. This has some strong benefits, and is a facet that many other DAOs could learn from.

Token-voting mechanisms suffer a lot from the question of why. Why should some people have some much more voting power than others. Reasons abound. Maybe it’s because somebody was an early contributor. Maybe it’s because somebody contributed a boatload of funds to a project. Or maybe— bear with me here— a person has a really nuanced understanding of the topic at hand.

But that last case is a bit less common. After all, it would be nice to say, “You know what, we’re voting on solidity devs, so let’s give all the solidity devs a bit more voting weight for this proposal,” but current mechanisms make this difficult and cumbersome, and certainly not scalable.

JokeDAO, by employing tokens which expire with a single contest or vote, can easily address this issue. And this is just one of many use cases where it’s a potential game-changer.

The future of JokeDAO

Where JokeDAO will go is anybody’s guess, but current sentiments seem to point moonward. The platform has shown new ways to approach governance for DAOs, and offers tooling that is unique and easy to employ. What more could an anon ask for?

To follow JokeDAO, check them out on twitter. To learn more about co-founder Sean, find their twitter here.