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About JuiceboxDAO

JuiceboxDAO contributors build the Juicebox protocol and the ecosystem around it, enabling projects to raise thousands of ETH and to build robust communities around their treasuries and tokens.

JuiceboxDAO contributors build in the open — to participate, read the contributing guide and join the Discord. We have Discord Town Halls every Tuesday at 22:00 UTC. Read about previous ones or stop by and say hello!


Juicebox governance runs on a 14 day cycle – proposals receive "temperature checks" in Discord, and are ratified in the DAO's Snapshot space. You can follow this through our governance portal, or read our Governance Process to learn more.

Governance Portal
Juicebox Snapshot
Snapshot Delegation


How to Make a Governance Proposal
Governance Process
Juicebox DAO Foundation


Peel is a group of immensely talented frontend devs. Peel's contributors are the masterminds behind Contact them on Discord.

WAGMI Studios is a collective of quirky creatives behind Juicebox DAO's visual identity. WAGMI Studios' contributors are masters of storytelling, visual art, and animation. Contact them on Discord.

Nance is building tools to facilitate and automate cyclic governance processes. Nance contributors are behind Juicetool,, and Nance, the tool automating JuiceboxDAO's governance. Contact them on Discord.

Who is Juicebox DAO?

From JBX & Fees:

The Juicebox protocol is developed by JuiceboxDAO. JuiceboxDAO has no CEO, no hiring department, and no Board of Directors; instead, it is self-governed via the JBX token. "DAO" stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization — by utilizing token governance and the Juicebox protocol itself, JuiceboxDAO is able to manage strategic decisions, payouts to contributors, and to consistently deliver upgrades to a best-in-class Ethereum protocol, along with a powerful suite of tools to support it.

You can see current JBX holders ranked below: