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Juicebox Ecosystem

Some of the projects building with Juicebox.


Peel is the group of developers behind, the flagship interface for the Juicebox protocol. If you're looking to commission a custom website for your project, inquire in Peel's Discord.

Discord - Website - GitHub - Juicebox


Blunt allows anyone to deploy a trustless crowdfunding round where contributors can get refunds at any point before the round is closed successfully – if a pre-defined target isn't met, refunds are made available to everyone.

Blunt works best for project creators that know how much they need to raise ahead of time and want to maximize supporter trust.

Website - Discord - GitHub - Juicebox


Defifa allows anyone to create an on-chain prediction game for sports, elections, world events, or anything else. A game's creator represents different predictions as NFTs – people buy those NFTs to load a shared pot, and the people who minted the right NFTs get more of the pot when the game is finished.

Which NFTs are "right" is decided by on-chain voting. Once a game finishes, anyone can submit scores to determine how much of the pot will go to the NFTs for each prediction. At least 50% of the NFTs for at least 50% of the predictions have to approve a set of scores – otherwise, people can reclaim their ETH from the pot.

Website - Discord - GitHub - Juicebox


Croptop allows anyone to host a peer-to-peer content feed on IPNS and make it available from their ENS address (for example, see Each image, video, audio clip, or text post can be minted as an NFT from the owner's Juicebox project.

Website - Discord - GitHub

Juicebox Cards

Juicebox projects are NFTs, held in the wallet of the project owner. Project owners can update the NFT's metadata. By default, these NFTs show the project's balance, payouts, and other details.

Juicebox Cards allows people to mint ERC-1155 copies of these NFTs (NFT editions), and forwards revenues to the corresponding projects (optionally tipping the metadata project). Project creators can sell these cards to generate additional revenue and help their communities stay up to date with the project.

Website - Contract GitHub - Frontend GitHub - Juicebox


Nance is a governance platform for Juicebox projects which integrates with Discord, Snapshot, Safe, Notion, and Juicebox. JuiceboxDAO's Governance runs through Nance – if you need help setting up or facilitating governance for your project, inquire in the Nance Discord.

Website - Discord - GitHub - Juicebox


Bananapus was created to work on L2 deployments, on-chain governance, and cross-chain staking for Juicebox projects.

Discord - Juicebox

WAGMI Studios

WAGMI Studios is the team behind the art on and JuiceboxDAO's online profiles – if you need art for NFTs or branding, inquire in their Discord.

Website - Juicebox - Discord