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Welcome to the Juicebox User Docs!

Juicebox is an Ethereum funding protocol which can help you fund, operate, and scale your project on-chain. You can see how people are using it on — it's an extremely powerful tool for building trust with your supporters, funding your project, and then running your project effectively.

It takes about 10 minutes to create a Juicebox project, which you can use to:

  • Crowdfund your project with ETH.
  • Issue tokens and NFTs to your supporters — and reserve a percentage of those tokens/NFTs for you, your team, or a community stockpile. You can use these tokens/NFTs for governance rights, community access, or other perks.
  • Build trust with Cycles.
    • With unlocked cycles, you can edit your project's rules at any time.
    • With locked cycles, you can lock your project's rules for a period of time (like 3 minutes, 2 years, or 14 days), helping you build trust with your supporters.
  • Each cycle, compensate your team with automated payouts.
    • Payouts can be fixed ETH amounts, ETH amounts based on USD values, or percentages of all the ETH in your project.
  • Allow your supporters to redeem their tokens or NFTs to get back some of the ETH you don't need for payouts. This can be a full refund, a partial refund, or it can be turned off completely.
  • Add a deadline for edits, making last second edits to your Cycle impossible (and preventing rug pulls). With a 3-day deadline, your community is guaranteed 3 days to verify any queued edits.

When you create your Juicebox project, the project's NFT will be sent to your wallet. This NFT is the only way to control your project — the project's rules are managed directly on the Ethereum blockchain, making your project independent, transparent, and uncensorable.

You can change these rules over time, making Juicebox very effective for scaling communities. As your community evolves, so can your project.

How do I start?

You can contact onboarding or join the JuiceboxDAO Discord — DAO members will answer your questions and help you to deploy your project.

If you feel confident, you can create your project now on — if you have questions about how you should set up your project, double check our project setup guide.

We also have a Goerli Testnet version of Juicebox. If you need Goerli ETH, ask us.

Video Walkthrough

A quick project creation walkthrough.