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Legal Resources does not provide any legal services for your project – if you're interested in setting up an entity or other legal agreements, you should speak with a legal expert. The resources below may be a good starting place.

Name & LinkDescription
LexDAOLexDAO is a club of crypto-savvy lawyers. Join their Discord to learn more.
OpolisHelps individuals set up personal U.S. companies to manage payroll, benefits, and taxes.
MIDAOMIDAO helps DAOs incorporate in the Marshall Islands.
OtonomosIncorporation kits for crypto and tech in major jurisdictions around the world.
DoolaU.S. business formation kits and banking setup.
OpenLawA collection of free legal templates built to be used with Ethereum smart contracts.
Name & LinkDescription
DAO Legal Entity MatrixA simple resource for comparing various legal structures used by DAOs in the US as well as a few international jurisdictions. It is intended to be a starting point for founders and their legal counsel to better inform them about the issues as they consider potential legal structuring solutions for DAOs.
Legal Frameworks for DAOs seriesReference guides for DAO entity selection and features from Miles Jennings & David Kerr.
Choose a business structureA general-purpose guide for choosing a business structure within the United States.
0x Legal GuideOverview of how U.S. financial regulations apply to cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency Laws and Regulations by StateA brief overview of cryptocurrency laws within each U.S. State.


Svetlin (svetlink#0129 on Discord) from and LexDAO/LexClinic has provided several legal templates for Juicebox project creators within the EU:

  1. EU Privacy Policy
  2. Website Terms of Service [Lite Version]
  3. DAO Terms of Service [Extended Version]

Project creators can use to launch and mint Delaware/Wyoming jurisdiction legal NFTs, such as limited liability "legal wrappers" for DAOs and wallets.


None of the information, services, or materials offered on our Site constitute, or are intended to constitute, legal, financial, tax, investment, or other advice, and you should not act or refrain from acting based on any information, services, or materials provided on the Site. All content on our Site is information of a general nature and does not address the unique circumstances of any particular user. You are strongly urged to consult with your own legal, financial, tax, investment, and other advisors regarding all legal, financial, tax, and investment-related questions or concerns you have.

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