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JuiceboxDAO Media Guidelines

Index of Current Accounts

Name/LinkResponsible Contributor
Discordjango, filipv & nnnnicholas
PodcastBrileigh & Matthew
NewletterBrileigh & Matthew
TikTokBrileigh & Matthew

General Guidelines

  • Anybody can create a social media account for JuiceboxDAO, even if we already have an account on that platform.
  • JuiceboxDAO is decentralized. There are no "official" accounts.
  • Anybody can suggest posts for any one of these platforms, but the final say comes down to the responsible contributor (usually the person who created the account). Share your draft/post in the visibility channel of our Discord and tag the responsible contributor for help improving it.
  • Try to coordinate major announcements across multiple platforms over Discord.


  • If you have something to share, tag @juiceboxETH for a retweet (not guaranteed).
  • For more serious announcements (from the @juiceboxETH account), write a draft and share it in the visiblity channel of our Discord. Tag @jango.
  • Avoid the "crypto grifter" tweeting style if possible. This usually involves excessive use of finger pointing emojis.


  • Blog posts are written in markdown and added to the juice-docs repo.
  • Your post should either go in /blog, or into one of the subdirectories under /blogs.
  • Read this page to learn about you should name your file and format your frontmatter.
  • Make a pull request.


  • If you would like upload access, ask filipv and he might give it to you. Otherwise, share your video on Discord and somebody might upload it.
  • If you do share a video, please also share a title, description, and properly formatted chapter timestamps.