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Contributing to JuiceboxDAO

A Permeable DAO

JuiceboxDAO strives to maintain an open contribution policy. Anyone may pitch in and help with any of the Focus Areas defined in the DAO Foundation, such as protocol and frontend development, community alignment, or governance.

Unlike traditional workplaces, the DAO is open to pseudonymous contributors ("anons"). New contributors are not expected to present a resumé or any other identifying material. The DAOs permeability to new contributors with no substantial reputation informs its contributor onboarding structure.

To welcome new contributors, many of whom have little to no reputation online, the DAO suggests that contributors consider the following process to successfully onboard as a paid contributor

Getting Started

New contributors are advised to introduce themselves in the Juicebox DAO Discord server, and to familiarize themselves with the focus areas they would like to contribute to. New contributors should also reach out to active contributors on Discord to figure out where the DAO needs help, or to propose new objectives. Project coordination often takes place in Juicebox DAO's Notion workspace.

Trial Payouts

Contributors who have completed some work and familiarized themselves with the DAO's ongoing efforts are encouraged to propose a smaller one-time trial payout. These proposals should detail work which has already been completed and plans for upcoming contributions to the DAO. Read How to Make a Governance Proposal to learn more. For inspiration, read recent governance proposals.

Recurring Payouts

Contributors who have completed one or more trial payouts are advised to propose an ongoing role and recurring payout for 3-7 funding cycles. This proposal should detail responsibilities, task-based objectives, and long-term goals.

What should I do next?

  1. Join the Discord.
  2. Join the weekly Discord Town Halls (Tuesday 22:00 UTC).
  3. Read recent governance proposals.
  4. Read recent message history in relevant Discord channels to familiarize yourself with the high level ongoing projects in the DAO, and details of the areas you wish to contribute to.
  5. Reach out to active contributors in channels related to areas you would like to contribute to. Ask what you can help with or propose new objectives for the DAO.
  6. Participate in the DAO for 1-2 weeks before asking for a payout.

Note: In order to get paid by Juicebox DAO, you will need to have a cryptocurrency wallet. You can read more about wallets here.