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JuiceboxDAO Foundation

Mission statement

What the DAO works toward

JuiceboxDAO helps people confidently fund, operate, and scale programmable treasuries on Ethereum.


Who we are

  • We're builders. The decisions we make prioritize those building, and we trust those who we've delegated responsibilities to.
  • We're focused. We encourage one another to focus on the commitments we've made to the DAO, and keep each other accountable to them.
  • We're supportive. We're here to help, and we communicate in a way that empowers one another.
  • We're listeners. We are humble with our knowledge, and seek balance between urgency and patience.
  • We're honest. We are each unique selves, and we communicate our individual ideas openly and with clarity. We express ourselves and exchange feedback with this in mind.
  • We’re stewards. We respect the opportunity to help set a tone for what it means to build on the open internet together.

Focus areas

Where the DAO focuses its resources

(No particular order)


Define, optimize, test, secure, monitor, and document the core Juicebox protocol.


Minimize, monitor, and mitigate risks to project creators, contributors, and patrons across contracts and frontends.

Community alignment

Help project owners and members of the JB community get the resources and attention they need to build and work together.

Web3 ecosystem

Position JB to work with and help other public DAOs, tools, and services to safely widen opportunities for all in Web3.


Help people launch their projects on JB and build extensions to the protocol through active Q&A availability, providing useful documentation, and helping shape the information architecture of web clients.


Plan out how we will make decisions together as the DAO scales, and keep it accountable to its agreed upon decision-making schedule.


Work towards the legal clarity necessary to make Juicebox a welcoming protocol where any project can be deployed with confidence.


Give projects rich insights into their community, and provide overview information about the JB protocol.


Develop web clients for the protocol that make the user experience of exploring projects and contributing to them more empowering, reliable, and delightful over time.

Juicebox ecosystem

Stand up infrastructure to help projects running on the Juicebox protocol grow their decentralized communities and experiment with various treasury strategies.

Visibility & materials

Create and propagate digital and physical publications, stickers, art, videos, memes, and other stuff that radiate Juicebox vibes and tell our story.

Dev ops

Make it as easy as possible for people to build on JB by improving processes, tooling, and documentation for all developers.


Build models and tools to analyze Juicebox project configurations. Develop and implement utilities for tokens in the Juicebox ecosystem.

Product, project, and program management

Regularly define, assess, prioritize, and publicly communicate the goals and progress of what we’re working towards across focus areas.


What does it mean to be a JuiceboxDAO member

DAO members are responsible for proposing and voting on:

  • how the DAO's treasury funds are allocated.
  • changes to the protocol the DAO has agreed to steward.
  • changes to formal processes the DAO has agreed to follow.
  • criteria for membership admission and boundaries for quitting.

DAO membership is required by the people and projects who raise funds on the Juicebox protocol, is given to people who are currently stewarding its focus areas, and is open to people who choose to help fund its treasury.

Membership is represented via the JBX token issued using the Juicebox protocol itself. All JBX holders are JuiceboxDAO members.

Members can quit by burning any portion of their tokens at any time and take with them a portion of the treasury's funds.