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Scaffold JB Hackathon

Heads Up!

The repo link for JB Project Payer Extension – Tokens Receiver is incorrect. You can find the repo here, and a demo here.

Make an interesting project using scaffold-eth and Juicebox v2! Open to all teams and individuals.


  • Hackathon starts 12:00 EDT, July 1st.
  • Submissions close at 18:00 EDT, July 14th. Submit here.
  • Over $10,000 in rewards, distributed based on a JokeDAO token vote.
  • Collaboration between Juicebox DAO, Buidl Guidl, and JokeDAO.


Make an interesting project! Criteria is subjective and up to token recipients.

Our wish list:

  • A scaffold-eth starter kit for buidling a Juicebox project frontend.
  • A Juicebox protocol extension starter kit. See this repo.
  • A scaffold-eth NFT branch that sends funds to a Juicebox treasury. See
  • A Nouns clone: A sequential tokenID nft auction every x hours that pipes funds into a Juicebox treasury.
  • An all-in-one + Juicebox interface, with full read/write.
  • A buidl-guidl-centric dapp for managing the group's Juicebox treasury.
  • A fork which sends funds to a Juicebox treasury.

See what others are building in the Team Finder spreadsheet.


All projects must use scaffold-eth, Juicebox v2, and an open source license.


12:00 EDT, July 1st: the hackathon begins!

12:00 EDT, July 5th: Hackathon Twitter spaces with @nnnnicholas and @austingriffith.

13:00 EDT, July 6th: live build on YouTube with @nnnnicholas and @austingriffith.

18:00 EDT, July 14th: hackathon submissions close, and the showcase livestream starts.

19:00 EDT, July 14th: a JokeDAO vote will open. Voting tokens will be airdropped to anybody who has donated to Buidl Guidl's Juicebox project. Voting tokens will also be distributed to active Buidl Guidl, JuiceboxDAO, and JokeDAO contributors.

19:00 EDT, July 15th: voting closes. Half of the ETH in Buidl Guidl's Juicebox treasury will be distributed to hackathon entrants—an entrant which receives 10% of votes will receive 10% of the funds!


scaffold-eth provides an off-the-shelf stack for rapid prototyping on Ethereum, giving developers access to state-of-the-art tools to quickly learn and ship an Ethereum-based dApp.

Juicebox helps people confidently run programmable and community funded treasuries from startup to scale, openly on Ethereum.