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2022-06-01 – Hackathon Submissions

TitleSubmitterDescriptionRepo URLDemo
JB Project Payer Extension – Tokens Receiverjacopo.ethThis project extends JBETHERC20ProjectPayer which makes it possible for JB treasuries to integrate with Slice, and more in general to receive ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens. This basically turns the contract into a NFT vault for JB treasuries, while allowing projects to use Slice protocol and split payments or sell anything fully on-chain via decentralized stores.Contracts, Scaffold-ETH
Scaffold-ETH NFTs for Juicebox@_carletex_, @damianmartiWith this starter kit, you can easily offer your NFTs for minting to your donors. All the minting proceeds will go to your Juicebox project's treasury.GitHubLive, video
Succus - decentralized chat appnoctisatraeSuccus is a decentralized chat app for the Juicebox and ETH community.GitHubLive
JB-Multisigharshit16024263, naim_1004Interface to interact with JuiceBox V2GitHubLive, video
Juicebox BuidlGuidl Treasury Management ToolschrontastJuicebox BuidlGuidl Treasury Management ToolsGitHubLive, video
Schaffold-eth-jbxcj.bloczThis project attemps to give buiders are starting point in building frontend applications for their juice projects. It show multiple ways to interact with the juicebox smart contract, both from the frontend(JavaScript) and from contracts(Solidity). This project also try to explain why and how certain things are done.GitHubLive
Partially Automated Luxury Juicebox Governancehorsefacts.ethA factory for managing Juicebox projects with the OpenZeppelin Governor stack. The JBGovernorFactory contract deploys an ERC20Votes token, governor, and timelock, swaps a project's Juicebox token for a governance compatible JBVotesToken, and transfers ownership of the project NFT to a timelock controller. Your Juicebox project ERC20s can now be used to govern Juicebox project parameters, rather than relying on a trusted admin who owns the project NFT!GitHub
Cocktailmul1shAn integration of Juicebox with Tornado Cash to allow anonymous donations funding to Juicebox projectsGitHubLive
Bananas 🍌helloaja.ethA single interface for managing your juicebox projects and related multisig.GitHub