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May 17th, 2022

· 4 min read

On Tuesday, May 17th, JBers got together for a fun and productive Town Hall session. Read on to learn a bit about what was discussed!

Product Perspective Discussion Kicks Off

On the heels of debuting V2, the DAO has pivoted to look forward toward future trajectories. The question of “What’s next?” was an ongoing discussion to kick off the town hall, and the overarching question of how JB will orient itself was bounced back and forth between members. One current effort is around finding and fixing all the bugs one would expect when you roll out something as wide in scope and breadth as V2, which is an ongoing endeavor the devs are focusing on, particularly as they work to build out extensions that were previously not possible with V1.

Safe to say where JB finds itself today is quite incredible, and has etched out a presence and community known for providing an excellent tool that works and is powerfully scalable. The use cases solved for already have proven successful and powerful, and the discussion of what other future use-cases exist is ongoing. Head over to the #strategy channel to learn more.

Delegating JBX Now Possible

We now have delegation on snapshot, so you can delegate your JBX to other addresses for snapshot voting. A major thank-you to DrGorilla for making this possible and putting so much effort into the cause!

The way it works is, for example, if you have 1 million JBX, you can delegate it to someone with 3 million JBX, and that person will have 4 million JBX voting power. But if you do choose to vote later, their vote will decrease by that same 1 million, and your vote will be as strong as your own JBX (1 million). This is a flexible way that people can share voting power without sacrificing JBX or transferring it directly to one another. To learn more check out this link.

Twodam Joins and Rocks With Data Displays

The absolutely awesome twodam was able to come join us today at our town hall, and gave an awesome presentation on his new dashboard for JB. It’s a powerful new dashboard with some absolutely awesome data displays, check it out here!

Taking Canu to New Heights

Zeugh spoke about the role of CanuDAO to help other DAOs with marketing and community needs, and underscored the need to grow CanuDAO on par with the growth JB has seen over the past several months. The goal is for CanuDAO to provide high quality marketing and community-building services to JB, and also to affiliated and new DAOs that enter the JB space over the coming weeks.

Snapshot of JB in a Bear Market

While the bear market has dropped the value of ETH, with continued careful treasury management the DAO has a healthy runway. There are core functions that JBers will continue to take part in and carry out, and proposals for these core areas will continue forge on. Furthermore, an excellent opportunity is within the recognition that during any downturn of the market, yield and liquidity tends to dry up in places where it was accessible before. The can serve as as silver lining for JBers. Also, a proposal to review the DAO foundation is on the books, so all members please take a look at that proposal and discuss it ahead of its snapshot vote next week.

Ice Cream And Banana Costumes in NYC!

JB is considering a partnership with Morgenstern’s Ice Cream parlor in NYC. The goal is that JB would deck out the ice cream shop for four days with Banny art and posters and custom ice-cream flavors and creations. JBers who network in NY ahead of the major cypto conference can point people toward the ice cream shop, meet them there to conference, and spread the good word about Juicebox. Contributor filipv will be greeting new and old members in a full-sized banana costume, and tank_bottoms is permanently banned from the event. Come enjoy the scene, more info the come!

(For a full recording of the town hall, including the legally binding declaration filipv made to wear a banana costume for the entire 4 days, click here.)