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Reserved tokens

What everyone needs to know​

  • Reserved tokens allow a project to guarantee that a percentage of all newly minted tokens from payments will be reserved to a preprogrammed list of JBSplits. This percentage is referred to as the reserved rate.
  • A project's reserved rate and reserved token splits can be reconfigured each funding cycle.
  • Reserved token splits can be routed to addresses, the owners of other Juicebox projects, to contracts that adhere to the IJBSplitAllocator interface, or to the address that sent the JBController3_1.distributeReservedTokensOf(...) transaction.
  • Reserved tokens do not get minted automatically when a new payment is received. Instead, they must be explicitly distributed during the funding cycle which contains the reserved rate and splits that should be applied. If a funding cycle's reserved rate or splits change before the allocation is distributed, the new values will apply.

What you'll want to know if you're building​