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NFT Rewards

What everyone needs to know​

  • NFT Rewards can be attached to a project's funding cycles, allowing any payment made to the project to also qualify for the minting of an NFT along any number of tiers.
  • Each project can deploy NFT rewards with customizable parameters. Each tier can be specified to have:
    • Contribution floor specified in ETH or USD, the minimum contribution necessary to mint an NFT from the tier.
    • Max quantity.
    • Reserved rate, specifying the number of NFTs from the tier that can be minted to a predefined beneficiary address as a proportion of NFTs minted to contributors.
    • Voting units, specifying a number to associate with NFTs from each tier that can be used in on-chain or off-chain governance.
    • A URI, overridable by a URI resolver that can return dynamic values for each unit with the tier.
    • A flag specifying if the contract's owner can manually mint from the tier on-demand.
    • A lock date, before which the tier must remain accessible.
  • The NFT Rewards contract's owner can add and remove tiers on demand, subject to flags passed in at the time of its creation:
    • If the contract is set to lock reserved token changes, new tiers cannot have a reserved rate.
    • If the contract is set to lock voting unit changes, new tiers cannot have voting units.
    • If the contract is set to lock manual minting changes, new tiers cannot allow manual minting.
    • If the contract is set to have transfers pausable, a funding cycle metadata flag will determine if NFTs are transferable while the cycle is active.
  • Incoming payments can directly specify any number of tiers to mint from within their JBDidPayData.metadata.
  • If a payment received does not meet a minting threshold or is in excess of the minted tiers, the balance is stored as a credit which will be added to future payments and applied to mints at that time. A flag can also be passed alongside a payment to avoid accepting payments that aren't applied to mints in full.
  • The NFT Rewards contract can be used for on-chain governance. At the time of the contract's creation, the deployer must specify if vote delegation should be accounted for across all tiers (compatible with Governor contracts), on a per-tier basis, or if there should not be any extra governance accounting affordances.

What you'll want to know if you're building​