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Redemption rate

What everyone needs to know​

  • The redemption rate determines what proportion of treasury assets can be reclaimed by a token holder by redeeming their tokens.
  • By default, all treasury assets that are considered overflow can be reclaimed by token holders. This can be modified using data source extensions.
  • A project's redemption rate and extensions can be reconfigured each funding cycle.
  • A redemption rate of 100% is linear, meaning a holder with 1% of the token supply can redeem all of their tokens for 1% of available treasury assets.
  • A redemption rate of x% where x < 100% will leave some assets in the treasury to share between those who wait longer to redeem. The smaller the x, the fewer assets can be reclaimed.
  • A project can set a different redemption rate that takes effect only when the project's current funding cycle has an active ballot.

What you'll want to know if you're building​