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This is the README from the juice-contracts-v1 repository.


To deploy the contracts to a local blockchain, run the following:

yarn chain --network hardhat

To run tests (all, unit, integration):

yarn test
yarn test:unit
yarn test:integration

You can also filter by version, test name, etc.:

yarn test:unit --grep "ProxyPaymentAddressManager"


To verify the contracts on Etherscan, make sure you have an ETHERSCAN_API_KEY set in your ./.env file. Then run the following:

npx hardhat --network $network etherscan-verify

This will verify all of the deployed contracts in ./deployments.

If you encounter an error along the lines of the following, compile the problematic contract(s) in isolation first and verify one-by-one:

Error in plugin @nomiclabs/hardhat-etherscan: Source code exceeds max accepted (500k chars) length.

To compile in isolation:

npx hardhat compile:one Tickets