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Year of the Dev

Β· 2 min read
  • Devs aren't just coders. Anyone who recognizes genuine inefficiencies and makes themself useful toward delivering great solutions is a dev.

filipv, STVG, twodam, zeugh, phytann, sage, mieos, nicholas, zom-bae, mrgoldstein, zhape, westlife29, linywan, peacenode, germs, gulan, and a few other JB friends don't contribute code to the core contracts or site, but they show up to dev everything else they recognize can add value: governance, tools, dev ops, analytics, Banny, cryptovoxels empire, Discord bots, podcasts, translations, education, bookkeeping, support, strategy etc.

  • Devs are individuals, not entities. DAOs, VCs, corporations, campaigns, and projects may have great devs within them, but aren't devs themselves.
  • Devs like to dev with other devs.
  • Devs are often artful.
  • Devs are never zero-sum thinkers.
  • Devs should continue to improve how we build alongside each other at scale and audit each other's work along the way. More agency, less management.
  • Leaders are devs who also delegate effectively between other devs. Any dev can be a leader, the more the merrier.
  • Devs should continue to work towards improving the experience of other devs.
  • Devs who build in the open have leverage.
  • Resources follow devs.
  • Power decentralizes as more people become devs.