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Configuration #1: Discount rate

Β· 2 min read

The first JuiceboxDAO configuration includes a discount rate of 20%.

This means that a contribution made to the JuiceboxDAO project during this funding cycle will mint you 20% more tokens than a contribution of the same value made during next funding cycle.

The Juicebox protocol supports discount rates from 0%-20%. The rates are compounded over time, meaning a constant rate of 10% over two funding cycles would make the relative discount between contributions on either end 81% (10% of 100 is 90. 10% of 90 is 9. 100 - 10 - 9 = 81).

The discount rate is mega powerful and has lasting effects. It should not be used arbitrarily.

Our reasoning for going with the max of 20% is that there's inherently much more risk to funding the project at its onset – the protocol is raw and untested in the wild, there are no trends to latch on to for financial speculation, and there are lots of unanswered questions still floating around. Any contributions made during this funding cycle are risky. We wanted to reward them as much as possible.

We plan on proposing a reduction of this rate to 10% for the next funding cycle, 5% for the following cycle, and settle on a constant rate of 0.5-3% from then on to keep a slight constant pressure to fund the project sooner rather than later. Expect this schedule to be reevaluated over time, but the philosophy behind its purpose as a risk offset to hold true.

Notice: Each project built using the Juicebox protocol as its treasury pays a standard 5% fee from its payouts to the JuiceboxDAO. This fee is treated like every other payment made, so each project receives JBX tokens in return. The discount rate thus also gives projects an incentive to compose with Juicebox sooner rather than later.