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The founding contributors pre mined JBX tokens to backpay the contributions made. The valuation of each token was the same as it is now during the first funding cycle.

  • Jango got $125k for developing and testing the smart contracts.
  • Peripheralist got $125k for writing
  • AtomicMieos got $10k for always being around to help shape ideas.
  • Sage got $7k for design and illustration commissions.
  • Nervetrip got $3k for helping to write an early prototype and do code reviews.
  • Austin Griffith got $3k as a thank you for his work on Scaffold ETH, which Juicebox is built using.
  • Paul Razvan Berg got $3k as a thank you for writing and testing solidity helper libraries that I used extensively. Especially for math operations on e18 numbers.
  • Teddy Wilson got $1k for submitting a very useful PR that automates test routines.
  • Apoorv Lathey got $200 for a small PR he made to the repo when the code was just getting started.

The numbers are a bit arbitrary, but hopefully enough of you think its a fair start. If not, theres no shame is speaking up. We can always make changes to our reserved token allocation in upcoming funding cycles to rebalance pre mine compensation.