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Project updates 9/7/2021

Β· 5 min read

Co-authored: jango, peri, exekias, nati, nicholas, zeugh

Current focus areas are:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Web experience
  • DAO relations
  • Analytics
  • Liquidity pools
  • NFT marketplace
  • Governance
  • Protocol upgrades
  • Materials

Focus areas​

Risk mitigation​

Goal: Make sure things don't go to zero.

Current team: jango (lead), exekias, peri.


  • No new bugs/problems discovered in the contracts.
  • New repo where security issues are documented here.
  • Wallet connection issues in the front end solved. One remaining bug where connecting wallet from the projects page sometimes causes the beneficiary field of payments.
  • DefiYield auditors seems to have dropped off. Need to follow up again.
  • Focus on security now moved to V2. Documentation, tests, audits, etc.

Help needed:

  • It'd be great if more folks could help write tests and review the code and documentation as it gets done. We should collaboratively mold this into its final, secure form.

Web experience​

Goal: Improve the Juicebox experience both for people starting communities and for communities that are growing.

Current team: peri (lead), jango, exekias


  • New analytics data in project dashboards. Still room to grow, more data sourced into The Graph and ready to use.

  • New wallet connection integration. Can now connect with many other wallets with BlockNative integration.
  • Progress on Github issues backlog.
  • Wording in the interface being reconsidered: Β "staking" vs "claiming".
  • Researching different UIs for different treasury types.

Help wanted:

DAO relations​

Goal: Work towards making sure JB projects and the JB community have the resources and attention they need to get started and thrive.

Current team: nati (lead), jango, nicholas, mieos, zeugh


  • Gitbook updates underway. Walkthrough, explanation of processes.
  • Working with Whiteboard crypto, UltraDao, BeatsDao.
  • Focusing on established DAOs. Might refocus to newer DAOs later.
  • People should forward questions from #support and from other JB projects to Nati to aggregate into docs.


Goal: Give projects rich insights into their community treasury.

Current team: peri (lead), buradorii


  • Most updated in the UI under the "Web experience" focus.
  • Experimenting with what data can be accessible in the UI.
  • No updates on Flipside or Dune analytics.
  • People want to see current token holders for each projects.
  • People want to see current FC vs upcoming FC.
  • People want to see the price the treasury token is being sold at over time.
  • People want to see the percent of the tokens that they will own at the time of making payments.
  • People want to be able to play out funding cycle scenarios before making reconfigurations.

Open to help:

  • Index more Subgraph events.
  • Display discount rates (tokens/ETH) of past funding cycles.

Liquidity pools​

Goal: Add support for JB treasury tokens in secondary markets for communities to be able to value their assets better.

Current team: exekias (lead), jango


Help wanted:

  • Comms with JBX project owners (e.g., SHARK) to understand their needs from a staking reward/LP perspective.
  • Devs with staking rewards expertise.

NFT Marketplace​

Goal: Give JB projects a place to sell digital (and eventually physical) goods which pipe percentages of revenue to any number of addresses or Juicebox treasuries.

Current team: nicholas (lead), jango, peri


  • Big demand from SharkDAO (and others?).
  • Draft of contract looking good.
  • Plan for V1 is no UI on, make bare bones JS SDK/library with/for Shark to build a NFT MKT into their forthcoming website.
  • Need to finalize what will be included in v1, and what won't.
  • Specification draft
  • Github repo (private for now)


  • Finalize spec for v1
  • Get a working v0 implementation on Rinkeby by Monday 2021-09-13 EOD
  • Get a basic 721 contract together to mint NFTs that we can submit to the marketplace

Help needed:

  • Jango will help with contract implementation and testing (thank you –nicholas)
  • Next week open to help starting building a JS SDK


Goal: Plan out how we will make decisions together.

Current team: zheug (lead), unicornio, 9birdy9


  • Trying coordinape to test a reputation system. The epoch system feels good, didn't give us the easy integration to voting that we needed after the epoch.
  • We're still wroking on our basic model for how to make decisions. Need to balance governance power between token holders and reputation/contributions but we haven't got a way to test it yet.
  • We can, at the moment, take the csv of reputation distributed after the Epoch, but are still looking on how to import those in a strategy to snapshot. Need help from more dev oriented folks to communicate coordinape results onto snapshot.

Help needed:

  • We need some dev/snapshot help to integrate our new governance system into a snapshot strategy.

Protocol upgrades​

Goal: Evolve the protocol to be more useful.

Current team: jango (lead), peri, exekias, nicholas


  • V2 has been announced here.
  • Reviewed V2 with Peri, Exekias, and Nicholas, got very valuable feedback that is being iterated on.
  • Docs for V2 are in progress here.

Help needed:

  • Same as in the "Risk mitigation" section.


Goal: Videos/visuals/memes/stuff that radiates Juicebox vibes.

Current team: WAGMI studios

This is a new section that will have updates next time