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Configuration #1: Payouts

Β· 2 min read

The first Juicebox configuration for the JuiceboxDAO lasts 30 days, and includes preprogrammed payouts. They are as follows:


  • Jango gets $5k for managing contracts and leading dev and design efforts.
  • Peripheralist gets $5k for leading front-end dev work and evolving Juicebox to suit needs being uncovered at TileDAO.
  • AtomicMieos gets $1k for experimenting with content, and helping shape ideas.
  • Sage gets $1k for design and illustration work.


(These funds all get paid-out to the JuiceboxDAO governance to be allocated)

  • $6.8K to pay back Jango for pre-purchasing juicebox.eth, jbx.eth, and jbox.eth. These ENS names will be transferred to JuiceboxDAOs governance.
  • $1k will be allocated for content / art supplies, managed by Futurenate and Sage.
  • Figma costs $75 monthly.
  • Infura costs $50 monthly.
  • Gitbook costs $32 monthly.
  • Fleek costs $10 monthly.

The total is $19,967.

The staff payout sums are small compared to market rates for these skills. We decided to start off with a small budget during the first funding cycle to encourage a longer runway, and to be able to re-evaluate needs as the first funding cycle plays out.

Stay tuned for a report on the first funding cycle's spending, and a proposal for the next funding cycle's payouts.