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For more tips on growing your community, read Shopify's marketing plan guide.

How can you help people find your project? Some popular tools include:


Twitter has one of the most highly engaged online crypto communities — this should be your top priority!


YouTube is self explanatory: upload some videos explaining what your project is and how people can support it! YouTube videos can also be great resources for people already in your community.

A Blog

Writing articles about your project can be a great way to attract online attention. You can either:

  • Make your own website,
  • use a standard blogging tool like Medium,
  • or use a web3 blogging tool like Mirror!

A Website

Having a landing page to explain your project is a great way to bring in traffic! If you're building your own website, you can use the juice-widgets repo which has prebuilt assets and embeds for Juicebox projects.


Several Juicebox projects have massively benefited from traditional media coverage — especially ConstitutionDAO and AssangeDAO. If you are aiming to create a large-scale project, media outreach may be beneficial.