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Where can your community members find each other and collaborate? Most projects use one or more of the following:



Discord is among the most popular social platforms in crypto. It allows users to create free, invite-only servers for their communities. Discord servers support messaging across multiple channels, voice/video calls, and the configuration of complex permission structures. Discord also supports bots and other automations through its API.

To get started, look at our pre-built Discord Server Templates/Guide for Juicebox projects.


Telegram is a popular messaging application for mobile and desktop. This is great option if you need a simple tool for real-time chat or to make announcements to your community. Telegram also has an extensive API which you can use for bots or other automations.


Discourse is an open source forum used by many web3 projects, including several Juicebox projects. Some projects use it to host formal governance discussion, and others use it for everything.



Notion is a freemium note-taking and collaboration work space. To get an idea of what it can do, visit the JuiceboxDAO Notion.