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The Contest - Poem

· 2 min read

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Curious reader,

Congratulation if you’ve made it this far. By now you should be an expert on the story, and if you’ve been paying any attention at all then you know that you are searching for twelve words.

The twelve words you are searching for are the password to a protonmail account, with the username “felixanderstreasure”. Go to protonmail, use that username and enter the twelve words in sequence in the password field. If you have succeeded, you will get access to an email that contains the seed phrase of a metamask wallet. That wallet contains about 1.2 ETH, but also some NFTs, one or more of which are likely to have some considerable value on, where it was minted about a month ago.

Good luck!

The Poem

Be it a disregarded scribe beseeching temperance;

A holy father of a bastard son;

Candid logic from an angel revered or a

King not (but a captain!) defending against a Satan feared.

Or a mother both loved by son and husband — a handbag to her namesake,

Or that handbag’s granddaughter, with tragedy become,

An ode to her father grandfather, and his mistake?

A voyage missed to buildings in this state,

Where a modern hero never slapped no bitches,

Nor a river in Africa was ever uttered,

But an erstwhile puddle, however filthy, existed.

And so we’ve arrived at the last of our tips, which falls as seeds do from soft avian lips.


If after many tries you still find struggle,

Consider the story’s many levels,

Allusions abound and you may have trouble,

If the classics you never regarded or reveled.

The twelve words come from each clue above,

In the order that you find them.

Their capitalization is as normal English,

And if in doubt best reverse to try them.