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Juicebox in the Words of filipv

· 3 min read

“Juicebox in the words of” is a series that highlights JB community members in interview form. Learn about members’ roles at JB and what makes them tick.

Today, we’re getting the inside scoop on filipv, a JB workhorse who seems to always be ready to jump in and find a solution. From running blog posts, editing podcasts and writing and editing governance protocols, filipv does it all and then some, and keeps a great positive attitude throughout. Read below to get to know him a bit better!

How'd you get started with JB, and how has it changed since you've been here?

I got started through a tweet that I saw; I was on twitter, managing another account, and I saw a tweet from Nicholas asking for help with social media.

So I joined the discord server and it was pretty sweet… people were really nice… I said in the server that I wanted to do social media, and 9birdy9 asked me to help with governance issues, and one thing led to another and now I’m doing quite a bit of stuff.

Since I got here, back in November 2021, JB has grown a lot. That’s led to a few things– one is that the culture has evolved, it’s gotten a bit more serious and formal, but we’ve also had a really large demographic shift as the Chinese community has taken greater interest in JB. The team has grown, and I feel like we’ve moved into a higher gear work-wise, and become more efficient as a team.

How would you describe your role at JB?

If I had to put a title, I guess “operations”, or “operations generalist”. I have varying amounts of skill in a number of places, and I try my best to chip in where I can, but that also means I’m pretty diverse in what I do; I tend to be shifting more toward governance stuff/writing proposals, but generally I just look at what JB is doing, and I try to help steer the ship in a direction that is fitting.

In my experience at JB so far, everyone’s been very nice and helpful, so I’m wondering: where are all the assholes?

I would say a lot of times people become assholes in a corporate setting due to resentment that stems from a lack of honesty or allowing expression, but JB is quite good at facilitating expression. Also I think JB attracts a different type of person– there’s no job interview, manager telling you what to do, etc.-- you really have to be a self-starter, and since everything is handled by voting by your peers, there’s real incentives for you to get along; if you’re an asshole, people will vote you out.

What’s something that people would be surprised to find out about you?

Hmm. I play trumpet, and I worked as a jazz musician in New York. I’m getting to be a bit of a coffee snob as of late. Oh, and at one time I was nationally ranked in yu-gi-oh.

What’s been some of your most exciting experiences at JB so far?

All the events around AssangeDAO, despite the chaos, were really fun to be a part of. That being said, every time I do a new project I get very excited.

And finally: who’s your favorite JB community member, and why is it peri?

Gotta be the sex appeal.