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Juicebox in the Words of twodam

· 5 min read

“Juicebox in the words of” is a series that highlights JB community members in interview form. Learn about members’ roles at JB and what makes them tick.

twodam is a long-term contributor at JB that is known for an incredible work ethic, moderating the discord server, and creating data visualizations. He also serves a unique role in bridging communication between our English and Chinese speaking communities at JB. Read on to learn about his roles as a contributor and communicator for the JB community.

How did you get started with JB, and how has it changed since you’ve been here?

When researching ConstitutionDAO, I discovered the platform Juicebox, and joined Discord. During that time I read through the documentation and code base, because I saw a lot of people asking questions, so I spontaneously went to help answer them. It so happened that because of the popularity of ConstitutionDAO, many people joined Discord, and that number of people reached several thousand. Zeugh recognized and recommended me to be the Discord mod. After that I also made several data panels according to the needs, to better show the trends in different aspects of JB.

Since I’ve joined, JB started to have multi-language support, the governance process got better, the number of contributors increased to a dozen, a lot of things were moving forward, and everyone was smart about it.

That's awesome, it sounds like you're a big part of that progress. What would people be surprised to learn about you? Any interesting hobbies?

Yeah, just in time and it's great to work with everyone. I actually did contract development for a while before and was a full time programmer. I used to study projects from the whole and in detail— for example, studying a protocol from the front-end all the way to the contract implementation, from the documentation to the surrounding tools and from the community to the team atmosphere.

That's super cool. When you're not at a computer, what do you like to do to pass the time?

Read books, hang out with friends, play billiards. I also like to read science fiction and literary fiction.

That's awesome. A lot of the Web 3 space can feel like a sci fi, to be honest.

In terms of exploring a lot of new directions?

Yeah, new directions and also I think people don't really know what this new space and technology will bring. How do you think Web 3 will change the world?

It will make UGC owned by the creator, bring innovative formats to human collaboration and keep many things decentralized on chain, which brings transparency, retains history and much more...

And maybe also somehow important, there are not really regulations yet, so innovative ideas without too many limitations can thrive.

“Innovative ideas without too many limitations" really strikes me as a biggie. It seems like people are willing to go out and take risks, and make themselves vulnerable. It says a lot for an environment to bring that out of people. How would you describe your role at JB?

I work as the Discord moderator, multisig owner and specialize in Data Viz. I also do community support and alignment, and post educational materials for mainly the Chinese community. I’m also actively looking for different things that I could help; recently I’m writing a Juicebox weekly summary with 0xSTVG. Also our website and blog supporting multiple languages is something filip and zotico work on very hard, and I work on the Chinese translations of that.

That's awesome, and things like the weekly summaries are really important. I always wonder about the Chinese community and how the information travels between it and the rest of the community. You kind of bridge that gap from what I understand, is that accurate?

indeed, with the help of zhape who helped a lot in communication and vibe summaries in town-hall.

That's amazing. Is it a difficult role to have? I know sometimes there are differences of opinion between the communities. How do you manage to keep the peace?

First thing I would try is to understand different opinions, and then I would help to bridge them to discuss together. Sometimes it’s because people have misunderstandings, I will show them where to check and explain to them the reasoning behind. Sometimes it’s because the language gap, then I will help to translate and/or communicate, for example: find the real problem, let them have discussion and correct the misinterpretations if there were any.

Yeah, this role is not easy I would say, you can’t make everyone happy... have to balance between a lot of things.

It sounds tough, but it also sounds like you are taking a really level-headed and fair approach. Okay final question-- what is the favorite part of your day?

getting inspiration when solving problems and getting recognition from others.

make me feels good and powerful.