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Integration Guide

Hooking up your contract to a Juicebox project​

This guide is for users who would like to hook up their contract to a pre-existing Juicebox project. Right now, the primary use case for this is to route funds to a Juicebox project when certain events occur (e.g., minting an ERC721 token).

Add the Juicebox contract dependency to your project:

$ yarn add @jbox/sol

Inherit from JuiceboxProject in your contract. You will need to provide a Project ID and Terminal Directory address to the JuiceboxProject constructor.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity 0.8.6;

import "@jbox/sol/contracts/abstract/JuiceboxProject.sol";

contract HelloWorldContract is JuiceboxProject {

uint256 _projectID,
ITerminalDirectory _terminalDirectory
) JuiceboxProject(_projectID, _terminalDirectory) {}


Example Projects​