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Contract: JBV1TokenPaymentTerminal​‌

Interface: IJBPaymentTerminal

Allows a v1 project token holder to pay into this terminal to get commensurate about of its v2 token.


function pay(
uint256 _projectId,
uint256 _amount,
address _token,
address _beneficiary,
uint256 _minReturnedTokens,
bool _preferClaimedTokens,
string calldata _memo,
bytes calldata _metadata
) external payable override isTerminalOf(_projectId) returns (uint256 beneficiaryTokenCount) { ... }
  • Arguments:
    • _projectId is the ID of the v2 project to pay towards.
    • _amount is te amount of v1 project tokens being paid, as a fixed point number with the same amount of decimals as this terminal.
    • _token is the token being paid. This terminal ignores this property since it only manages v1 tokens preset by the project being paid.
    • _beneficiary is the address to mint v2 project tokens for.
    • _minReturnedTokens is the minimum number of v2 project tokens expected in return, as a fixed point number with 18 decimals.
    • _preferClaimedTokens is a flag indicating whether the request prefers to mint v2 project tokens into the beneficiaries wallet rather than leaving them unclaimed. This is only possible if the project has an attached token contract. Leaving them unclaimed saves gas.
    • _memo is memo to pass along to the emitted event.
    • _metadata are bytes to send along to the data source, delegate, and emitted event, if provided. This terminal ignores this property because there's no data source.
  • The function can be accessed externally by anyone.
  • The function can be overriden by inheriting contracts.
  • Through the isTerminalOf modifier, this transaction reverts if this terminal is not one of the project's terminals.
  • The function accepts ETH, but reverts if it receives ETH.
  • The resulting function overrides a function definition from the IJBPaymentTerminal interface.
  • The function returns the number of v2 project tokens minted for the beneficiary, as a fixed point number with 18 decimals.


  1. Make sure the project owner hasn't finalized exchanges yet.

    // Make sure the migration hasn't already been finalized.
    if (finalized[_projectId]) revert MIGRATION_TERMINATED();

    Internal references:

  2. Make sure some v1 project tokens are being paid.

    // Make sure an amount is specified.
    if (_amount == 0) revert INVALID_AMOUNT();
  3. Make sure no ETH was sent to the function.

    // Make sure no ETH was sent.
    if (msg.value > 0) revert NO_MSG_VALUE_ALLOWED();
  4. Forward the call to the internal version of the function.

    return _pay(_projectId, _amount, _beneficiary, _minReturnedTokens, _preferClaimedTokens, _memo);

    Internal references: