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Juice Ownable


This is the README from the juice-ownable repository.

A Juicebox variation upon OpenZeppelin Ownable to allow for more seamless Ownable support for projects, changes from the regular Ownable are:

  • Ability to transfer ownership to a JB Project instead of a harcoded address
  • Ability to grant users/contracts permission to call OnlyOwner methods using JBOperatorStore
  • Includes the JBOperatable modifiers with support for OpenZeppelin Context to allow for (optional) meta-transaction support

All features are backwards compatible with OpenZeppelin Ownable, this should be a drop-in replacement.


This repo contains 2 contracts, which one should you use:


Does your contract not have any Ownable/access controls yet, use JBOwnable.


Does your contract extend a contract that you can't easily modify (ex. it comes from a package manager) and that contract inherits from OpenZeppelin Ownable? Use JBOwnableOverride.

NOTICE: Only use JBOwnableOverride if you are overriding OpenZeppelin Ownable v4.7.0 or higher, otherwise JBOperatorStore functionality for onlyOwner will not work.