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Contract: JBOperatable​‌

Only allows the speficied account, an operator of the account to proceed, or a truthy override flag.


modifier requirePermissionAllowingOverride(
address _account,
uint256 _domain,
uint256 _permissionIndex,
bool _override
) { ... }
  • Arguments:
    • _account is the account to check for.
    • _domain is the domain namespace to look for an operator within.
    • _permissionIndex is the index of the permission to check for.
    • _override is a condition to force allowance for.
  • The modifier function can be used by any internal function.


  1. Make sure the message's sender fulfills the criteria.

    _requirePermissionAllowingOverride(_account, _domain, _permissionIndex, _override);

    Internal references:

  2. Continue the rest of the function.