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Contract: JBSplitsStore​‌

Unpack splits' packed stored values into easy-to-work-with split structs.


function _getStructsFor(
uint256 _projectId,
uint256 _domain,
uint256 _group
) private view returns (JBSplit[] memory) { ... }
  • Arguments:
    • _projectId is the ID of the project to get splits for.
    • _domain is an identifier within which the returned splits should be considered active.
    • _group is the identifying group of the splits.
  • The view function is private to this contract.
  • The view function does not alter state on the blockchain.
  • The function returns an array of JBSplits.


  1. Get a reference to the expected number of splits for the specified domain and group.

    // Get a reference to the number of splits that need to be added to the returned array.
    uint256 _splitCount = _splitCountOf[_projectId][_domain][_group];

    Internal references:

  2. Inititalize an array of JBSplit with length equal to the number of splits expected.

    // Initialize an array to be returned that has the set length.
    JBSplit[] memory _splits = new JBSplit[](_splitCount);
  3. For each index, parse out the packed split parts into JBSplit structs and add to the array. The packed splits are stored in two different uint256 slots, the second of which contains info that is populated way less frequently.

    // Loop through each split and unpack the values into structs.
    for (uint256 _i; _i < _splitCount; ) {
    // Get a reference to the fist packed data.
    uint256 _packedSplitPart1 = _packedSplitParts1Of[_projectId][_domain][_group][_i];

    // Store the first spit part.
    JBSplit memory _split;

    // prefer claimed in bit 0.
    _split.preferClaimed = _packedSplitPart1 & 1 == 1;
    // prefer add to balance in bit 1.
    _split.preferAddToBalance = (_packedSplitPart1 >> 1) & 1 == 1;
    // percent in bits 2-33.
    _split.percent = uint256(uint32(_packedSplitPart1 >> 2));
    // projectId in bits 32-89.
    _split.projectId = uint256(uint56(_packedSplitPart1 >> 34));
    // beneficiary in bits 90-249.
    _split.beneficiary = payable(address(uint160(_packedSplitPart1 >> 90)));

    // Get a reference to the second packed data.
    uint256 _packedSplitPart2 = _packedSplitParts2Of[_projectId][_domain][_group][_i];

    // If there's anything in it, unpack.
    if (_packedSplitPart2 > 0) {
    // Locked until in bits 0-47.
    _split.lockedUntil = uint256(uint48(_packedSplitPart2));
    // Locked until in bits 48-207.
    _split.allocator = IJBSplitAllocator(address(uint160(_packedSplitPart2 >> 48)));

    // Add the split to the value being returned.
    _splits[_i] = _split;

    unchecked {

    Internal references:

  4. Return the array of splits.

    return _splits;