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Contract: JBFundingCycleStore

The project's stored funding cycle that hasn't yet started and should be used next, if one exists.

A value of 0 is returned if no funding cycle was found.

Assumes the project has a latest configuration.


function _standbyOf(uint256 _projectId) private view returns (uint256 configuration) { ... }
  • Arguments:
    • _projectId is the ID of a project to look through for a standby cycle.
  • The view function is private to this contract.
  • The view function does not alter state on the blockchain.
  • The function returns the configuration of the standby funding cycle if one exists, or 0 if one doesn't exist.


  1. Get a reference to the latest funding cycle for the project.

    // Get a reference to the project's latest funding cycle.
    configuration = latestConfigurationOf[_projectId];

    Internal references:

  2. Get the struct for the latest funding cycle.

    // Get the necessary properties for the latest funding cycle.
    JBFundingCycle memory _fundingCycle = _getStructFor(_projectId, configuration);

    Internal references:

  3. If the cycle has started, return 0 since there is not a stored funding cycle in standby.

    // There is no upcoming funding cycle if the latest funding cycle has already started.
    if (block.timestamp >= _fundingCycle.start) return 0;
  4. If this is the first funding cycle, it must be queued since it doesn't require a ballot's approval.

    // If this is the first funding cycle, it is queued.
    if (_fundingCycle.number == 1) return configuration;
  5. Get a reference to the cycle that the latest is based on.

    // Get the necessary properties for the base funding cycle.
    JBFundingCycle memory _baseFundingCycle = _getStructFor(_projectId, _fundingCycle.basedOn);

    Internal references:

  6. It's possible that the latest cycle was configured to start at or after a date in the future that comes after another iteration of the currently active funding cycle. If this is the case, there is no immediately queued funding cycle.

    // If the latest configuration doesn't start until after another base cycle, return 0.
    if (
    _baseFundingCycle.duration > 0 &&
    block.timestamp < _fundingCycle.start - _baseFundingCycle.duration
    ) return 0;