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On Tuesday, May 3rd (Wednesday May 4th local Chinese time), some Juicebox members (including jango, Zeugh, peri, filipv and your favorite author, to name just a few) engaged in an open discord call with Chinese-speaking JB community members and contributors. This article recaps some of the main points discussed. Also a huge shout-out to Zhape for his excellent on-the-fly translations!

Translation needs

The translation efforts are coming back underway as JB has overhauled its documents over the past few weeks. One area of concern was in how to best achieve accurate translations that can be written engagingly. The need for accurate translators, particularly who are comfortable working from English to Chinese, was underscored by Zhape. If you are comfortable translating into Chinese fluently and would like to contribute to translation efforts, reach out to Zotico in the #translation channel.

Guerilla Marketing Campaign and Community Building

Zeugh gave a brief highlight of some intended efforts at marketing and community building. Currently, there have been discussions to send some Juicebox contributors to Crypto or NFT conferences where they can network and spread the word about Juicebox. Possible eventual speaking opportunities at conferences, or sponsorships of conferences, are also being discussed, but at the moment the goal is to start small and see if we can spread the word about Juicebox and make meaningful connections between communities, or create opportunities for people to open projects on the Juicebox platform.

Translating outreach/community content

One area discussed was the importance of trying to make it a priority to translate into Chinese blog posts, interviews, or other materials that will help bridge the gap between our Chinese-speaking and English-speaking communities. For instance, an article such as this one that simply updates the community at large on a recent discord call, or an article that announces major changes coming with V2, would be excellent opportunities to inform our Chinese-speaking readers and to open the opportunity to gain feedback from them.

The state of V2

jango gave some insights on how the V2 protocol is coming along. Front-end of the protocol is still under development and coming along nicely, and in the mean time fine-tuning measures in the back-end continue to ensure a smooth rollout. The V2 protocol will allow many creative opportunities to build extensions, and offer more tools to project creation. So far early reception has been very good.

Tokenomics strategies

The question of how tokens should be disbursed, traded and valued also came up. The goal of ensuring that a project received the best rate of JBX per ETH is being discussed and worked on. Practically, this would mean that if a better JBX rate existed from an AMM, a project creator would receive that rate JBX at the AMM exchange rate. While JBX currently has low liquidity, one line of thinking is that such a system, which would necessarily drive traffic to such AMM’s, would serve as a mechanism to build those liquidity pools. Importantly, the impetus for such a process starting will likely come as Juicebox incentivizes these opportunities.

Voting equity

Another core topic of discussion was around voting equity in the current DAO governance. The question centered around how to strike a balance between early contributing members, such as jango, who have very large sums of JBX and thus have tremendous voting power, and members who may be contributing heavily but are newer, and thus have far lower voting power. This is a catch-22, but it is important to note that this imbalance is certainly aware to early contributors such as peri, jango and others. In the case of per and jango, they do not engage in voting for this reason (both were quick to point out). One solution is to continue issuing JBX, which will give more voting power to more individuals, but this also flies squarely against certain opinions to completely stop JBX issuance. It is a complex situation that has a lot of moving parts, and is inextricably linked to the JBX issuance/AMM situation mentioned above. Ultimately the thinking is that with these new changes, solutions may present themselves and we will see growth and directions in these domains.

Main Takeaways

This call provided important information and helped streamline communication between the English-speaking and Chinese-speaking Juicebox member communities. The nature of questions remained substantive throughout and finding a cadence to have such calls seems like a good strategy moving forward. A huge thank-you to our members, both English- and Chinese-speakers, for taking the time to hop on this call and for having such open and transparent discussions. And again a huge thank-you to Zhape, who translated and managed the discussion and kept a good flow going!

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Juicebox v2

Jango's proposal to Deploy v2 passed by overwhelming majority. You can learn more about v2 on the docs.

Currently, v2 is scheduled to deploy on April 16th.

Frontend efforts are already well underway: as of 2022-04-07, the V2 feature parity milestone is 64% complete. Feature parity is Phase 1 of PeelDAO's roadmap for v2.

veBanny Frontend

VeBanny has pushed into a new stage. We have completed all the Layers, Backgrounds and token spreads. The Ui for the VeBanny voting token minting site has been fully drafted. All contracts are written and nearly finalized. Next steps are to tighten up some front end pieces and start the build out.

For realtime progress updates, take a look at the Figma.

Juicebox High

Juicebox High is live (and you are on it right now)! Join the Discord and send a message in #documentation if you're interested in contributing or have ideas for improvements.

You can use the new blog with your RSS reader by adding https://docs.juicebox.money/blog/rss.xml or https://docs.juicebox.money/blog/atom.xml.

Metaverse Festivities

Lexicon Devils has some amazing plans for April! Here's the schedule:

Head to the Juicebox Lounge to join!

Juicebox in the words of

Felixander has launched a new interview series called "Juicebox in the words of".

In his words: “Juicebox in the words of” is a series that highlights JB community members in interview form. Learn about members’ roles at JB and what makes them tick.

Interviews with zom, filipv, jango, and peri have already been published. You can find the latest interviews (and more) on the blog.


FC#20 temperature checks are live now. Head to the Discord and vote! Snapshot voting opens at 00:00 UTC on 2022-04-12.

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You can claim your JBX here! For more information, read on.


Juicebox's legitimacy as a DAO is built upon sufficient decentralization of power, access, and ownership. To accomplish this ideal, Juicebox must attract and retain an active community that has Juicebox's long-term interests in mind.

One of the most direct methods for improving decentralization is the airdrop. Several airdrop proposals were made to this effect in FC#15, all of which were rejected.

As part of a new airdrop proposal, ARCx has crafted a Juicebox Benefits Score which identifies Juicebox community members based on their token holding behaviour and governance participation.

See JBP-114: Juicebox Benefits Airdrop

Score Methodology

The Juicebox Benefits Program identifies and rewards active community members who hold Juicebox DAO’s long-term interests at heart. The score rewards active contributors by measuring governance participation, and rewards long-term support by measuring how long a wallet has held JBX.

Governance Factor (60%)

The Governance Factor measures the number of Juicebox Snapshot proposals that a wallet has voted in. The wallet with the highest Governance score is given 600 points, and the wallet with the lowest score is given zero. All other wallets are linearly scored within those bounds—for example, a wallet that voted in half as many snapshot proposals would be given 300 points.

HODL Factor (40%)

The HODL Factor measures the number of UTC dates that a wallet has held at least 1 JBX (either claimed or unclaimed). The wallet with the highest HODL score is given 400 points, and the wallet with the lowest score is given zero. All other wallets are linearly scored within those bounds—for example, a wallet that held JBX for half as many dates would be given 200 points.

How to Claim

Visit airdrop.juicebox.money and connect your wallet to see if you are eligible. You can also claim a free passport to view this score (and other scores) on arcx.money.

On 2022-06-07 at 22:00 UTC, any unclaimed JBX which remains in the smart contract will be returned to the multisig for future use.

Your score on arcx.money might not be the same as your score on airdrop.juicebox.money. To prevent sybil attacks, the airdrop scores were measured at Ethereum block 14,263,369.

What's Next?

Going forward, the community could use the Juicebox Benefits score to make new airdrops, to set up a gated Merch Squad collection, to make gated Discord roles, or even to create exclusive Juicebox-themed ARCx passport skins. These scores are verifiable onchain, meaning they can be permissionlessly used in smart contracts or used through an API.

Some other examples mentioned by ARCx include:

  • Distributing airdrops equitably
  • Boosting smart contract staking yields
  • Verifying social status via Discord roles
  • Offering free smart contract insurance to the best users
  • Fee & product discounts
  • Many more

This score evolves with your behaviour over time! Although the methodology could evolve, Juicebox Benefits projects aim to reward active contributors which support Juicebox's long-term goals. Your participation and support of Juicebox will be reflected in these scores over time.

If you have ideas or suggestions, share them in the ARCx Discord or in #jbx-benefits on the Juicebox Discord.


Airdrop contract: 0x518e3CdBcda4f0735399c9F1e03A7aBC7562632f
Merkle root: 0xba0ccda021dd3008d51728ccd530dfe42d6bba07f8118d8a796e26d80e305009
Sweeper: 0xAF28bcB48C40dBC86f52D459A6562F658fc94B1e

Main Repository

Airdrop CSV

Merkle Root(use yarn && yarn generate-list to verify).

Airdrop contract on Etherscan

arcx.moneyARCx TwitterARCx Discordjuicebox.moneyJuicebox TwitterJuicebox Discord

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JBX 成员资格目前由 602,065,173 个代币来体现:

Jango 持有 118,891,959 个(19.74%) Peri 持有 100,255,206 个 (16.65%) DragonFly Capital 持有 48,048,000 个(7.98%) SharkDAO 持有 30,063,667 个(4.99%) JuiceboxDAO 持有 27,827,807 个(4.62%) 4 个地址分别持有大约 18,500,000 个(3%) 13 个地址的持有数量在 5,000,000 - 15,000,000 个区间 (1-3%) 7 个地址的持有数量在 2,500,000 - 5,000,000 个区间(0.5-1%) 28 个地址的持有数量在 500,000 - 2,500,000 个区间(0.1-0.5%) 64 个地址的持有数量在 100,000 - 500,000 个区间 (0.01-0.1%) 56 个地址分别的持有比例少于 0.01%

成员资格授予给了那些帮助开发协议和建立 DAO 的人,还有通过向金库捐赠 ETH 来支持这些工作的人,尤其是那些在较早的筹款周期提供了任何形式帮助的人。协议部署以来,成员资格已向所有人开放。

在当前第 8 个筹款周期,新老成员每向金库捐赠 10 个 ETH 会铸造以下数量的 JBX:

捐赠的成员获得 2,579,260

JuiceboxDAO 获得 416,649Peri 获得 333,319Jango 获得 333,319Nicholas 获得 97,218Exekias 获得 97,218WAGMI Studios 获得 55,553CanuDAO 获得 55,553

目前,捐款成员要捐赠 278 个 ETH 才能获得成员代币总量的 10%。

两个月前第 4 个筹款周期期间,向金库捐赠 10 个 ETH 会铸造 3,931,200 个JBX 代币给捐款成员。

每收到 1 ETH 向成员发行的 JBX 代币数量每 2 周减少 10%。按照目前 2 周为一个筹款周期的减少速度再加上 35% 的代币保留率,到第 12 个筹款周期的时候,捐赠 10 个 ETH 就只能铸造 1,692,252 个 JBX 代币了。


  • 建设者和捐赠人都不知道他们捐赠 ETH 获得的代币或者收到的保留代币究竟有什么用。
  • 成员资格变贵了。
  • 迄今为止,JBDAO 的策略一直是专注于公开建设,同时提前说明高效建设所需要的资源。
  • JBDAO里没有人太关注怎样降低成员资格门槛或者如何更大范围地分配成员资格,又或者为什么这个工作值得优先考虑。我们主要讨论的是,如何去为 Juicebox 项目以及那些希望参与改进或者发展这个生态的建议者们解决问题。
  • JBDAO 之所以选择 35% 的代币保留率,是为了确保不管 DAO 怎样扩充成员资格都会有 25% 的份额流向管理项目的建设者。如果 DAO 的金库得不到增长,忠诚的建设者就不会成为举足轻重的成员。剩下的 10% 流向 JBDAO 自身,但还没有被动用过。
  • 目前 DAO 的松散贡献者和帮助者除了向 DAO 捐赠任意金额之外,并没有其他途径成为 DAO 的成员。
  • 可能 DAO 应该降低它的折扣率,这样随着时间的发展,有意向加入的成员的资格能得到体现同时能令他们觉得受到大家的欢迎。
  • DAO 把全部的 35% 保留率都分配给自己会挺有意思的,这样它可以分发数量较为可观的入门成员资格给更多随性帮忙的人,以及那些正边埋头苦干边开始认识这个系统但暂时又没计划持久参与的人。DAO 还可以给其他 web3 的建设者分发成员资格,在决定 DAO 应该怎样分配金库的时候,他们可以作为其中富有创意而又深思熟虑的一种声音。


  • DAO 要怎么有效地分配它的 JBX 份额才能在今天和未来吸纳更多优秀的成员?

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Last update: 9/07/2021

Current focus areas are:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Protocol upgrades
  • Web experience
  • Analytics
  • DAO relations
  • Liquidity pools
  • NFT marketplace
  • Governance
  • Materials

Focus areas

Risk mitigation

Goal: Make sure things don't go to zero.

Current team: jango (lead), exekias, peri.


  • nothing to report.

Help needed:

  • Reviewing V2 docs and tests.
  • Bug bounties now included in the V2 documentation that's underway.

Protocol Updates

Goal: Evolve the protocol to be more useful.

Current team: jango (lead), peri, exekias, nicholas


  • Progress on documentation. JBSplitStore, JBOperatorStore, JBPrices, and JBProjects are fully documented. See Protocol section of docs.juicebox.money.
  • Bug bounties now included in the V2 documentation

Help needed:

  • More eyes on the docs
  • Pursue leads for solidity audits in next 4-6 weeks

Web experience

Goal: Improve the Juicebox experience both for people starting communities and for communities that are growing.

Current team: peri (lead), jango, exekias


  • Added feature for JB Project owners to update assets listed in the Project UI
  • will eventually support 721 assets, too
  • 'Pay' button Call to Action can now be customized
  • Rinkeby support
  • JB Interface now has its own dedicated repo and issue tracking https://github.com/jbx-protocol/juice-interface

Help needed:


Goal: Give projects rich insights into their community treasury.

Current team: peri (lead)


Contribution pipeline being refined. Subgraph now has a dedicated repo with a streamlined deployment flow.

Analytics roadmap being refined as steps for V2 migration become clearer.

Subgraph Deep Dive

Help needed:

DAO relations

Goal: Work towards making sure JB projects and the JB community have the resources and attention they need to get started and thrive.

Current team: nati (lead), zeugh, mieos, nicholas, jango


  • Jango and others converting people from DMs into discord members.
  • Lots of people coming into the DAO relations channel.
  • Pencil DAO created without any interaction with team. BrainDAO and others coming online.
  • Idea: Daoification Hackathon to help JuiceboxDAO members feel more comfortable onboarding others.
  • Meeting with largest single contributor: Conversation with Tom Schmidt of Dragonfly Capital
  • Lots of progress in Notion: Tools section, How to section.
  • Meeting notes becoming standardized and recordings much more frequent
  • Gitbook docs welcome page and contract addresses added.
  • Zeugh bought Sesh pro.

Help needed:

  • Project lead on Daoification hackathon where anyone can join in and create a bunch of projects on rinkeby to be more comfortable configuring and reconfiguring a JB.
  • Project lead needed to design and implement faster easier way to create "a DAO for your group chat". Can this be done with a Discord bot?Help Needed
  • Feedback to Zeugh for discord restructuring.
  • Adding info to Tools.
  • More people willing to record calls and upload.

Liquidity pools

Goal: Add support for JB treasury tokens in secondary markets for communities to be able to value their assets better.

Current team: exekias (lead), jango


  • No updates. Core dev team is focusing on V2 for the time being.
  • Might be a good move to fork the BarnBridge rewards contracts instead of the synthetix ones.

Help needed:

  • Someone to help test, verify, and deploy the staking contracts.

NFT Marketplace

Goal: Give JB projects a place to sell digital (and eventually physical) goods which pipe percentages of revenue to any number of addresses or Juicebox treasuries.

Current team: nicholas (lead), jango, peri


  • Looped in Peri and Mieios for NFTMKT specification feedback meeting.
  • Reprioritized NFTMKT, JB devs will do a sprint this coming week, Sept 27, 2021
  • Nailed down V1 spec with Peri's help. Updated architecture, replacing submit with list function, which will save on gas.
  • Reaffirmed permisionless design of NFTMKT and v2+ roadmap.
  • We will also stand up a couple 721 Creator contracts so artists collaborating with JB projects (e.g., Numo with Sharkdao) can create superior NFTs than on the OpenSea creator contract, which is closed source, centrally hosted metadata by default, and a shared contract. We anticipate one 721 contract for closed collections (where token supply is known in advance) and one open minting collection (where artist can add over time). Nico already has a closed collection contract that we can refine. Can also build a simple front-end to make this easy for artist collaborators (and the broader NFT ecosystem).
  • We continue to experiment with ideas about spinning NFTMKT off into its own JB project because the opportunity is large, and we believe that small teams working on focused projects are more effective than one overwhelmingly large vertically integrated JB protocol team. Perhaps initially staffed by same dev team as JB. Can focus on NFTMKT and the creator contracts. Could collect a fee for NFTs sold through the marketplace (2.5% like opensea?) or could be free. If it had revenue it would have more opportunity to expand dev team. Also thinking about token-swaps between NFTMKT and JB 📈🤝.
  • Increasing belief that NFTMKT will solve the DEX vs JB dilemma facing DEX-traded DAO tokens, where the DEX is always a better price than the JB, by game-theoretic definition. This limits DAOs' ability to fundraise because DEX trades do not affect DAO treasuries. NFTMKT will allow DAOs like Shark to largely replace direct-to-JB appeals. DEX purchases may still offer cheaper DAO tokens than the NFTMKT, but buyers will not get access to limited edition NFTs via the DEXes. NFTMKT will also be more fun and easy to use for NFT acclimated, compared to JB or DEXes which are unfamiliar to many in that space.
  • The team is very excited about the promising design specification and roadmap for the NFTMKT.
  • Nicholas also discussed with Mieos affordances in the 721 contracts that will enable WAGMI to create NFTs on behalf of client DAOs. Achievable design requirements even within the V1 spec.

Help needed:

  • Review read methods & TheGraph events with Exekias or Peri this coming week
  • Nico x Jango will collab to finalize v1 NFTMKT solidity
  • Nico to talk to Pencil DAO


Goal: Plan how we make decisions within the community.

Current team: 9birdy9 (lead), zheug, jango, unicornio


  • New voting process
  • Finalized proposal process
  • New governance process:


Includes Proposal Templates for each common type of proposal.

All JBX holders participate in votes that affect big picture JBX variables.

Changes to recurring payouts are voted on by addresses currently receiving payouts as they have greatest insight and are most affected by such changes.

Changes to reserved token allocation voted on by addresses currently receiving reserved tokens as they are most affected.

Addresses receiving payouts are expected to vote.

  • Discussion about whether large token holders and people on reserved list should have max voting capacity or some quadratic strategy that limits outsized impact.
  • First trial of these new templates in current governance process.
  • @9birdy9's trial payout proposal is the first proposal sent to snapshot according to these forms.
  • FC5 reserved JBX tokens will be passed without a formal snapshot for lack of sufficient time to complete our governance snapshot process. We will use snapshots for future reserved token proposals.
  • Creation of BANNY gov participation incentivisation token — An airdrop is in the works.

Help needed:

  • Refining governance process:
  • Creating informational foundations to keep people up to date on governance proposals/timelines.


Goal: Videos/visuals/memes/stuff that radiates Juicebox vibes.

Current team: WAGMI studios


  • WAGMI producing cultural content
  • Published overflow video

Help needed:

  • Feedback on content
  • How can WAGMI help juicebox projects launch
  • Helping onboard
  • Developing visual identity (cultural material)

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Co-authored: jango, peri, exekias, nati, nicholas, zeugh

Current focus areas are:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Web experience
  • DAO relations
  • Analytics
  • Liquidity pools
  • NFT marketplace
  • Governance
  • Protocol upgrades
  • Materials

Focus areas

Risk mitigation

Goal: Make sure things don't go to zero.

Current team: jango (lead), exekias, peri.


  • No new bugs/problems discovered in the contracts.
  • New repo where security issues are documented here.
  • Wallet connection issues in the front end solved. One remaining bug where connecting wallet from the projects page sometimes causes the beneficiary field of payments.
  • DefiYield auditors seems to have dropped off. Need to follow up again.
  • Focus on security now moved to V2. Documentation, tests, audits, etc.

Help needed:

  • It'd be great if more folks could help write tests and review the code and documentation as it gets done. We should collaboratively mold this into its final, secure form.

Web experience

Goal: Improve the Juicebox experience both for people starting communities and for communities that are growing.

Current team: peri (lead), jango, exekias


  • New analytics data in project dashboards. Still room to grow, more data sourced into The Graph and ready to use.

  • New wallet connection integration. Can now connect with many other wallets with BlockNative integration.
  • Progress on Github issues backlog.
  • Wording in the interface being reconsidered:  "staking" vs "claiming".
  • Researching different UIs for different treasury types.

Help wanted:

DAO relations

Goal: Work towards making sure JB projects and the JB community have the resources and attention they need to get started and thrive.

Current team: nati (lead), jango, nicholas, mieos, zeugh


  • Gitbook updates underway. Walkthrough, explanation of processes.
  • Working with Whiteboard crypto, UltraDao, BeatsDao.
  • Focusing on established DAOs. Might refocus to newer DAOs later.
  • People should forward questions from #support and from other JB projects to Nati to aggregate into docs.


Goal: Give projects rich insights into their community treasury.

Current team: peri (lead), buradorii


  • Most updated in the UI under the "Web experience" focus.
  • Experimenting with what data can be accessible in the UI.
  • No updates on Flipside or Dune analytics.
  • People want to see current token holders for each projects.
  • People want to see current FC vs upcoming FC.
  • People want to see the price the treasury token is being sold at over time.
  • People want to see the percent of the tokens that they will own at the time of making payments.
  • People want to be able to play out funding cycle scenarios before making reconfigurations.

Open to help:

  • Index more Subgraph events.
  • Display discount rates (tokens/ETH) of past funding cycles.

Liquidity pools

Goal: Add support for JB treasury tokens in secondary markets for communities to be able to value their assets better.

Current team: exekias (lead), jango


Help wanted:

  • Comms with JBX project owners (e.g., SHARK) to understand their needs from a staking reward/LP perspective.
  • Devs with staking rewards expertise.

NFT Marketplace

Goal: Give JB projects a place to sell digital (and eventually physical) goods which pipe percentages of revenue to any number of addresses or Juicebox treasuries.

Current team: nicholas (lead), jango, peri


  • Big demand from SharkDAO (and others?).
  • Draft of contract looking good.
  • Plan for V1 is no UI on juicebox.money, make bare bones JS SDK/library with/for Shark to build a NFT MKT into their forthcoming website.
  • Need to finalize what will be included in v1, and what won't.
  • Specification draft
  • Github repo (private for now)


  • Finalize spec for v1
  • Get a working v0 implementation on Rinkeby by Monday 2021-09-13 EOD
  • Get a basic 721 contract together to mint NFTs that we can submit to the marketplace

Help needed:

  • Jango will help with contract implementation and testing (thank you –nicholas)
  • Next week open to help starting building a JS SDK


Goal: Plan out how we will make decisions together.

Current team: zheug (lead), unicornio, 9birdy9


  • Trying coordinape to test a reputation system. The epoch system feels good, didn't give us the easy integration to voting that we needed after the epoch.
  • We're still wroking on our basic model for how to make decisions. Need to balance governance power between token holders and reputation/contributions but we haven't got a way to test it yet.
  • We can, at the moment, take the csv of reputation distributed after the Epoch, but are still looking on how to import those in a strategy to snapshot. Need help from more dev oriented folks to communicate coordinape results onto snapshot.

Help needed:

  • We need some dev/snapshot help to integrate our new governance system into a snapshot strategy.

Protocol upgrades

Goal: Evolve the protocol to be more useful.

Current team: jango (lead), peri, exekias, nicholas


  • V2 has been announced here.
  • Reviewed V2 with Peri, Exekias, and Nicholas, got very valuable feedback that is being iterated on.
  • Docs for V2 are in progress here.

Help needed:

  • Same as in the "Risk mitigation" section.


Goal: Videos/visuals/memes/stuff that radiates Juicebox vibes.

Current team: WAGMI studios

This is a new section that will have updates next time

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第四个筹款周期只需要一些小的改动。所有的重点领域都保持不变,增加一个新的 "协议升级 " 领域。以下是各个领域的情况汇报。







  • 发现一个低严重度 bug, 点击这里了解事情的前因后果,事后剖析在这里
  • 由 DeFiYield 执行的基线审计正在进行中。
  • 我们仍需规划一个 bug 赏金计划,对发现的不同严重程度的漏洞给予对应的奖励。

UX 改进




  • 使用 blocknative 添加其他钱包的 Web3 连接支持。查看这个 PR
  • 更新了网站的 "项目 "页面,支持按 "总收入 "排序。
  • 每个项目 feed 都增加了一个数据 feed 来查看每个地址捐赠的 ETH 总额。
  • 修复了几个 bug。


目标:确保 JB 项目获得启动和发展所需的资源。

当前团队:Jango(主导)、natimuril、WAGMI 工作室、CanuDAO


  • 帮助 SharkDAO 启动他们金库代币的一个 AMM 资金池。
  • 与有兴趣使用 Juicebox 建立金库的一些项目进行了几次讨论。积极研究 ScribeDAOPhlote 的解决方案,FingerprintsDAO、$Loot 和 NiftyTable 的一个项目也在关注之列。
  • 技术或流程文件方面没有重大更新。随着我们对项目和贡献者成功所需条件的进一步理解,我们需要在这方面取得进展。





  • 在 juicebox.money 的每个项目页面上都添加了一个新的数据 feed,显示每个地址给每个项目的捐款金额。
  • 用 Flipside 分析工具制作项目损益图表的工作取得进展。
  • 我们尚未给项目提供数据面板。我们仍在努力实现这一目标。


目标:在二级市场增加对 JB 金库代币的支持。



  • SharkDAO 的 SHARK 代币已在 Sushiswap 上启动与 ETH 交易对的流动池,你可以在这里查看分析数据。SharkDAO 的 Juicebox 页面在过渡期间已关闭,计划在未来几天重新开放。
  • 正在研究向项目提供一个质押合约来分配流动性奖励。


目标:为 JB 项目提供销售数字商品(及实物?)的场所,销售收入按百分比分配给任意数量的钱包地址及 Juicebox 金库.



  • 研究其他协议分割支付的方式。
  • 落实我们准备解决的用户流程。
  • 开始研究如何构建合约。
  • 开始构思 UX 设计。





  • 已创建发起提案、提案投票及决策发布上链时需遵循的流程概要。
  • 已创建一个 Coordinape 页面用来试验声誉的分配。
  • 治理会议开始在每周二定期举行。





  • TerminalV2 合约开发进展顺利。这一升级将允许项目全面定制自己的金库策略。细节待定,点击这里查看具体实现和正在做的测试。
  • TerminalV2 将可以修正最近发现的一个边缘案例的 bug,具体请见前面的 “降低风险”。


周期时长: 14 天(不变)

选票合约: 3 天延迟(原 7 天) 重新配置的请示必须在当前筹款周期结束前3天之前提交。原来提前 7 天感觉重新配置的决定时间有些仓促。把选票延迟从 7 天调整为 3 天让我们能有更多时间来评估提案及把变化发布上链。

折扣率: 10% 折扣率应该继续以 10% 的比例复合增长,以奖励那些在这个风险阶段继续向 JuiceboxDAO 金库捐款的人。

联合曲线: 60% (+-0%) 这项无需更改。这个数值仍然是随意的,但由于目前没有赎回的需求,所以我们在调整折扣率的同时,不妨把这个值保持在偏紧的水平。

支出: 共 $33.5k 我建议我们给 exekias、 nicholas、 nati 和 buradorii 支付稍多一些。


  • jango | 开发 : $10k (没有变化)
  • peripheralist | 开发 : $10k (没有变化)
  • CanuDAO | 沟通:$2.5k(没有变化)
  • WAGMI Studios | 艺术、动画和教育内容:$2.5k(没有变化)
  • exekias | 开发: $4k (+ $1k) Exekias 对代码的所有方面都亲力亲为。越来越成为核心开发人员不可或缺的一员。


  • nicholas | 开发: 2千美元 (+ 500美元) nicholas 已开始着手编写代码,他一直是我们社区中的一个活跃分子,帮助推动一些关键的讨论。
  • Nati | 社区关系:1千美元 (+500美元) Nati 已开始引导一些 DAO 加入 Juicebox,同时也帮助推动一些关键的讨论。
  • Buradorii | 分析:1千美元(+500美元) Buradorii 已开始发布一些 Flipside 的数据面板。我们还需要整合图表及提供给项目。


  • FigmaInfuraGitbookMee6Fleek 的订阅费用 | 500美元

保留率: 35% (没有变化) 我们应继续分配 25% 给核心贡献者,同时保留 10% 用于奖励为 ETH/JBX 提供流动性的人(很快)。


  • jango: 35%
  • peripheralist: 35%
  • CanuDAO: 10%
  • WAGMI Studios: 10%
  • exekias: 7.5%
  • 其他杂项: 2.5% - 用于多签钱包支付的灵活奖励。

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Three trends have characterized these past 30 days:

  • Several projects were spun up on Juicebox, entrusting the protocol to manage their money, and the JuiceboxDAO staff to help execute their treasury decisions. Several more reached out with plans to launch soon.
  • People came together to help crowdfund JuiceboxDAO alongside the fees paid by the first batch of projects. They all took on the laid-out risks and lent us their trust.
  • Some very talented, caring, insightful, passionate people showed the fuck up and want to build.

It may ultimately be too early to tell, but it seems we might have not only found product market fit, we've found it across several different treasury use cases: DAOs that ship products (JuiceboxDAO, TileDAO), DAOs that collect NFTs (SharkDAO), boutique service shops (WAGMI Studios, CanuDAO), NFT galleries, and group bidding. There are still several improvements to make for each of these treasury use cases while maintaining a cohesive experience, and I see clear potential for even more diversity of ideas.

We are a little over 30 days in, this is just the beginning. I'm confident the Juicebox protocol can stretch much, much further.


As a DAO, we should consider focusing on the following areas:

  • Risk mitigation | make sure things don't go to zero. current lead: jango, exekias

  • UX improvements | improve and make templates for project onboarding and the project dashboard. current lead: peripheralist

  • Project support, education, & docs | make sure JB projects have the resources they need to get started and thrive. current lead: jango, natimuril, WAGMI Studios, CanuDAO

  • Analytics | give projects rich insights into their community treasury. current lead: peripheralist (, Buradorii?)

  • Liquidity pools | add support for JB treasury tokens in secondary markets. current lead: exekias

  • Marketplace | give JB projects a place to sell digital goods (and physical?) which pipe percentages of revenue to any number of addresses and juicebox treasuries. current lead: jango, nicholas, peripheralist

  • Governance | plan out how we will make decisions together. current lead: zheug (, unicornio?)

My proposal for FC#3:

Duration: 14 days (no change) I think we can find a nice pace with 14 day funding cycles. Let's stick with this.

Ballot: 7 day buffer (no change) A reconfiguration proposal must be submitted 7 days before the end of the current funding cycle. I think we can get the hang of having the opportunity to vote on proposals every other week, with decisions made one week prior to them taking effect.  This time frame is only possible thanks to CanuDAO, who's staff is managing our communications and operations. They've done a marvelous job getting things organized and keeping everyone on the same page.

Discount rate: 10% (-6%) The discount rate should be further reduced by 6%. This is arbitrary, but it continues to give those who commit funds during FC#3 a good discounted rate to adjust for the risk of being early while continuing the process of tapering the rate off.

The goal is to reduce the rate over time as risk subsides (code risk, infrastructure risk, usability risk, organization risk, governance risk).

It pays to be early and to take the risk sooner rather than later.

Bonding curve: 60% (+-0%) No need to change this. Still arbitrary, but there's no demand to redeem right now, so might as well keep it this tight as we adjust the discount rate.

Payouts: $71k total (including $40k bug bounty that could be returned if unused)

I propose we raise the target to properly hire the people and projects who are already showing up and making things flow and grow, and experiment with payouts to a few up-and-coming contributors.

This also allows core contributors to embed themselves in the communities of emerging projects built with Juicebox and have cash-on-hand to support those they believe in. Actively supporting these communities is everything.

Core contributors

  • jango | dev: $10k Lead.
  • peripheralist | dev : $10k Peripheralist has not only built the Juicebox website and been improving it since launch, he also successfully launched TileDAO around a gorgeous art project he wrote. He's got first hand experience leading a community and business around a Juicebox treasury. There's no better dev to have on board.
  • CanuDAO |comms:$2.5k Since CanuDAO's staff, zeugh and mvh3030, joined our community and gotten to work, everything seems to be running smoother. They keep our Discord organized, help with community onboarding, make sure everyone is heard and treated with respect, and makes sure the rest of the contributors can continue working towards what's ahead.

This payout is an investment in CanuDAO, we'll get their juicebox project's treasury tokens in return.

  • WAGMI Studios | art, animations, and educational content: $2.5k WAGMI Studios is working towards putting out art, animations, and visual assets that strengthen and add color and character to the concepts that we're working on. This will increasingly important going forward as we reach beyond a crypto-native audience.

This payout is an investment in WAGMI Studios, we'll get their juicebox project's treasury tokens in return.

Experimental contributors

  • exekias | dev : $3k Since Juicebox's launch, exekias has helped write infrastructure contracts for piping marketplace royalties back to Juicebox treasuries, helped with dev ops, and helped tease out complex ideas out with the rest of the team. More importantly, he launched WikiTokenDAO – he has first hand experience with dev onboarding onto Juicebox, getting a Juicebox treasury funded, and building a community around it. We want him on our team.
  • nicholas | dev: $1.5k We need someone who can help us create a generalized NFT marketplace template that pipes a project's sales into Juicebox treasuries. This has emerged as a need for several projects in the ecosystem. Nicholas has been working on a product called NFTstory for the past several months and is intimately familiar with the ERC-721 standard and how it can be improved and extended. He's expressed interest in working with me to take this project on, he just might be the perfect dev for it. Let's see how things go.
  • natimuril | project support: $500 Projects that are building on Juicebox tend to need someone to be available for questions, ideation, and support. Natimuril will start helping us out with need, and eventually take on the responsibility fully herself. If all goes well, her idea is to operationalize her process and grow a collective around this community service effort.
  • Buradorii | analytics: $500 We need someone who can help form and execute queries on the treasury data that Juicebox projects are putting out, turn these into visual dashboards, and help to tell stories from the data. Buradorii has begun experimenting with running Dune analytics queries over the past week, and seems to be getting the hang of it.


  • Bug Bounty | $40k A total of $20k to pay out to whitehat hackers who report vulnerabilities. Payouts will be according to bug severity. Moe info coming soon. This payout will be returned to the treasury if unused.
  • Figma, Infura, Gitbook, Mee6 & Fleek subscriptions | $500

Reserved rate: 35% (+ 10%) The reserve rate should increase by 10%. We should continue to allocate 25% to core contributors, and we should add an additional 10% for ETH/JBX liquidity provider incentives.

Reserved token distribution:

  • jango: 35%
  • peripheralist: 35%
  • CanuDAO: 10%
  • WAGMI Studios: 10%
  • exekias: 7.5%
  • misc: 2.5% - for on-demand incentives paid out by the multisig wallet.

There are still no guarantees for future payouts to anyone mentioned here, including myself. We'll have to come together over time to reassess allocations based on how things go, including pay increases and reserved JBX to experimental contributors who prove to be invaluable to the community over time.

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JuiceboxDAO's second funding cycle will have the following goals:

  • Continue working with projects that have expressed interest in launching using the Juicebox protocol as its treasury. There's at least one project slated to deploy over the next few weeks.
  • Get the community organized: Discord, voting, roles, etc. We will organize and execute a community vote to determine the configuration of FC#3.
  • Build UIs for projects to access back office stuff like creating direct payment addresses, transfer project ownership, and allow operators to access UI components currently only accessible to owners.
  • Get the hang of writing Dune analytics queries to start visualizing Juicebox protocol data. The goal is to provide this data to projects using Juicebox.
  • Continue outreach efforts to broader Ethereum communities on Twitter and Discord.

I propose the following reconfiguration:

Duration: 14 days Let's experiment with a shorter cycle to see what happens. It gives us scope for one solid sprint with the goal of involving more of the community in the next reconfiguration decision.

As the project matures, I expect more planned out, longer cycles instead of these shorter ones.

Ballot: 3 day buffer A reconfiguration proposal must be submitted 3 days before the end of the funding cycle.

Discount rate: 16% (-4%) The discount rate should be reduced by 4%. This continues to give those who commit funds during FC#2 a good discounted rate to adjust for the risk of being early, but begins the process of tapering the rate off.

The goal is to reduce the rate over time to make a contribution during FC#1 valued around 2X the same contribution made 6 months later.

It pays to be early and to take the risk sooner rather than later.

Bonding curve: 60% (no change) There's relatively little overflow, and the JBX distribution is still narrow. No need to change this.

Payouts: $10,750 total

  • jango: $4k Project lead.
  • peripheralist: $2.5k Front end lead.
  • zeugh: $1K Organize and lead community.
  • WAGMI Studios: $1.25k Educational content and art.
  • Figma, Infura, Gitbook, & Fleek subscriptions cost around $500 monthly.
  • exekias: $750 Dev contributor.
  • galbi: $500 Dev contributor.
  • nervetrip: $250 Dev contributor.

Reserved rate: 25% (+15%) The reserve rate should be increased 15%. This gives me and my fellow founding contributors room to add a slight incentive bump for ourselves (we've been busier than we imagined right out of the gate), and to allocate new distributions. It also puts slightly more tokens in the hands of core contributors to help guide the project in the early stages, while still giving the bulk of tokens to external supporters to diversify our token holders.

Reserved token distribution:

  • jango: 35%
  • peripheralist: 35%
  • WAGMI Studios: 10%
  • zeugh: 10%
  • exekias: 7.5%
  • misc: 2.5% - used for on-demand incentives by the multisig.

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  • 随时帮助创始人和各个社区满怀信心地开始使用 Juicebox 协议,这需要我们制作更多的教育资料和改进现有的技术文档。

  • 构建社区分析数据面板,让社区可以看到筹款周期的重新配置是如何慢慢对金库产生影响的,这样他们就可以在未来做出更好的决策。这样做还有一个好处,社区在做出某个决策之前,可以先参考其他 Juicebox 项目在类似决策上的经验。

  • 构建 L2 层支付终端,记项目可以在各个以太坊 L2 网络上接收资金(如 Optimism, Arbitrum, ZKSync 等)。我已经设计好这个机制的大致框架,但仍需要对它进行实现。

  • 随着越来越多的项目选择使用 Juicebox 协议来管理它们的金库,协议的 TerminalV1 合约会需要负责保管越来越多的 ETH。JuiceboxDAO 可以编写和发布一个 TerminalV2 合约让项目们迁移过去,合约支持把闲置的溢出 ETH 发送到投资收益平台。这个举措会引入新的风险因素,我们可以等协议发展成熟、预期回报有利的时候再去推动。

  • 组织 JuiceboxDAO 的 DiscordSnapshot 上 DAO 的投票机制,并继续为新贡献者提供架构和财务上的支持。

  • 设置执行更为无需信任的筹款周期投票机制,来逐步去中心化 JuiceboxDAO 的治理权限。可以考虑使用 Aragon Govern 来实现这一点。


如果你想帮忙,请加入 JuiceboxDAO 的 Discord 并表明意向。我们考虑给能够领导或者参与这些工作的人支付一定的报酬。