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Juicebox Language Revisions

We've updated the language we use to describe the Juicebox protocol several times, and as a result, our docs, our resources, and have grown inconsistent with each other. This makes the protocol more difficult to understand for new users. For example, the terms funding target, distribution limit, overflow, and payout limit all refer to the same concept — how much ETH can be paid out from a project.

In this PR to and this PR to, Juicebox protocol terminology has been updated to address these issues.1 The goal is to improve consistency, accuracy, and clarity, and to minimize jargon wherever possible.

A summary of the changes:

Original PhraseRevised Phrase
Funding CycleCycle
Automated Funding CycleLocked Cycle
Manual Funding CycleUnlocked Cycle
Reconfiguration DelayEdit Deadline
Project NFTOwner NFT
Distributions/Distribution Limit/Funding TargetPayouts
Contributors (people who have paid a project)Supporters
Pay disclosurePayment notice
Initial Mint Rate, Token Minting RateTotal Issuance Rate
Contributor RatePayer Issuance Rate
Reserved Rate (when referring to # of tokens minted)Reserved Issuance Rate
Discount RateIssuance Reduction Rate
Token MintingOwner Token Minting
Payment AddressProject Payer Address
Redeemable NFTsUse NFTs for Redemptions
Payments pausedPayments to this project paused
Add to balanceTransfer ETH to project

To see the terms in context, read the updated project guide. We should consistently use the updated terms in content we make and messages we send.

  1. The create flow on has not been updated yet. Wraeth is working on this.
  2. Replace overflow with simple explanations. Overflow is the ETH available for redemption. Instead of saying a project has no overflow, you can say that it is using all of its ETH for payouts, or has no ETH.