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We’re kicking off a new blog series, “Juicebox in the Words of”, where a community member gets interviewed about their experience contributing to JB. Take this series as a chance to learn about community members, and to get a little glimpse of things you may not have known before.

Zom_Bae is an absolute delight in the JB community— humble and always ready to assist a community member in need of help. She co-hosts the JB podcast and has an excellent sense of humor. Within the discord she tirelessly connects people and ties up loose ends that many of us don’t even notice are there. Read on for a glimpse into Zom_Bae’s role at JB and personality as one of our very amazing community members!

How'd you get started with JB, and how has it changed since you've been here?

Oh wow...great question! I initially started quietly lurking in JB honestly because I know and admire the team who created it. I have zero technical background so as you can probably imagine...I had no clue what any of them were talking about. I can't remember exactly when I joined, but probably around October '21. The discord was still pretty small, I think we there were max 5-6 people on town hall calls so it was very close knit but very welcoming to normies like myself (which to be honest, it's still a pretty tight group of contributors who are also still very welcoming imo even though the membership has grown quite a lot)! I started slowly but surely participating, asking questions (even "dumb" ones), then ultimately took on a pm role to help keep people moving in a forward direction and tasks from slipping through cracks. Since I joined, JB has definitely matured. Processes have been dialed in, incredible work teams have come together, grown and transitioned into their own DOAs (amazing!), and the synergy in how, so many people, from all over the world is nothing less than awe inspiring!

That is some awesome background, really interesting stuff. It sounds like you have a pretty wide perspective, having been here so long compared to many. So for your role here, how would you call yourself? It sounds like you're kind of a fixer, somebody who comes and makes things run smoothly, patches up cracks that arise, etc.

So, I like that observation- but certainly not a fixer technically speaking-I guess more along the lines if something isn't getting done, I give soft nudges for reminders. I also like to think I'm a connector. If new folks come in, looking for something in particular, whether an answer to a protocol question or how to get started with picking up tasks, I do a decent job pointing them in the right direction, then following up when necessary. I'm like one of those old phone operators...just connecting dots!

Between you and me and the rest of the internet, who is your favorite contributor, and why is it jango?

favorite contributor...hard question. I'm going with the pc answer here: they're all freaking rad humans! There's no way I can pick just one. Nice try though (although pay close attention to Dr. Gorilla- he's got some jokes)!

That's a fair and diplomatic response, I expected nothing less. I'll notate that Dr. Gorilla is your favorite.

lol he's one of my favs.

Are there any projects on JB that you've been really stoked about, or what would you say is a moment of great excitement you've experienced at JB?

I think Movement Dao is something to keep an eye on. It feels special in a way that none of the other projects to date have. They're really trying to find ways to create "movements" to make the world a better place without it feeling hokey or like a canned answer in a beauty pageant (are they even called that anymore- don't get me cancelled!). One thing I heard in a recent town hall was "community can solve our biggest problems" and that stuck with me! IMO, they're doin' it right! go check 'em out!

As far as a moment of great excitement at JB would have to include when constitution DAO popped off...that. was. wild. I believe it was around Thanksgiving- I went to bed knowing one, peaceful, calm version up JB and woke up to a whirlwind of new members, wen moon, and tons of questions! Zeugh and Nicolas took the brunt of that, definitely get their versions-great stories- but man, it was intense!

Sounds intense! I’ve been taken aback at how approachable and nice and inclusive people have been here at JB, so I’m wondering, where are all the assholes?

lololol...JB is a "No Asshole Zone"

Haha, that’s what everyone’s been telling me. What is something about you that would surprise other JB members to learn?

hmmm.... I'm in my college's hall of fame for volleyball

That’s awesome! Do you still play at all?

eh, not really- occasionally if I feel like makin' bitches cry.

jk jk jk jk

I almost shed a tear... Nowadays what are your hobbies outside of the cryptosphere?

Mountain biking, keeping plants alive, and am taking a course to become a certified life & wellness coach

Oh that’s awesome, that sounds like a lot of fun.

as long as I'm not running into trees! or do you mean the coaching...?

Yes to coaching!— although running into trees could be a problem for both wellness and mountain biking… and plant care. Last question!— it’s the future, and you can make your ideal web space, whether that’s a DAO or any online space at all— what do you think you’ll make?

oooo, good question. I'm actually trying to answer that for myself. I want to figure out a way to gamify wellness that's enjoyable and doesn't feel like a task. Wellbeing is so so crucial but is so easily ignored because most people just don't know what they don't know (ie: don't realized they can feel better physically and mentally). What that looks like exactly...stay tuned.

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The Cryptovoxels environment from above

A new way to wind down

The DAO space online isn’t like your average experience working at a company or corporation. Unlike the physical environment of offices, cubicles, and maybe the occasional beanbag chair if you happen to work at one of those fun places, the online space where DAOs operate is free from constraints and incentives. It’s a space where people create for the sake of it, and pool effort together as a means of expression. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of endeavors out there that seek to make money, but the crucial difference is about what we call the bottom line, and what it looks like in a DAO space versus traditional settings.

Enter Cryptovoxels: an online space where participants can congregate, listen to music together, and even enjoy a “live” show in a virtual environment (pictured above). The Cryptovoxels space isn’t unique for what it is— plenty of paid spaces exist that try to achieve the same goal. The reason Cryptovoxels is unique is precisely for what it isn’t. It’s not about raising money, or pandering to users for shares and likes and what have you. It’s a space to wind down and enjoy together in a uniquely anti-consumerist experience. A space where creatives, programmers, technical writers, holders and any and all between can congregate for the sake of it. A lounge in the Cryptovoxels space

Creating for the sake of it

Spaces like Cryptovoxels are unique because of how they come about. In a traditional work environment or major corporation, somebody at the top may have an idea to create a space such as Cryptovoxels. From there, the idea would distill as it trickled down the workforce, ultimately culminating in strict directives and program managers. In other words, the project would itself become work— anathema to its very purpose!

In the DAOsphere, the whole process is put on its head. Eager community members, excited to contribute to a greater organization, and at times simply wanting to spin their wheels, generate projects such as Cryptovoxels not in order to make money, not in order to boast, not in order to monetize an experience, but, rather, simply to enjoy a moment— a happening, a vibe— with one another in a shared space. Where else can we say that this is the case? A Cryptovoxel room, replete with revolving door and anonymous puppet avatar)

Web 3.0 is a state of mind

The spaces engendered by an overall feeling toward collaboration, decentralization and egalitarian work-force options are encapsulated by Cryptovoxels. They’re spaces that uniquely represent a way of thinking about the world and its members differently than before. They represent an open view of the world that seeks to collaborate into greater and greater projects without, importantly, treating everything in accordance with it’s bottom-line monetary value.

The era of web 3.0 is ushering in a way of thinking inclusively and openly about collaboration unlike anything we’ve seen before. The irony that the same Web 3.0 that brought us NFTs of just about everything can also bring us closer together in a completely non-exploitative way is rich, to be sure. But seeing this irony as a beauty, rather than a contradiction, is probably a better representation of the spirit of our times.