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Emitted from:


event Pay(
uint256 indexed projectId,
address beneficiary,
address token,
uint256 amount,
uint256 decimals,
uint256 leftoverAmount,
uint256 minReturnedTokens,
bool preferClaimedTokens,
string memo,
bytes metadata,
address caller
  • projectId is the ID of the project who received any leftover funds after splits were paid out.
  • beneficiary is the address that received the project's tokens, or recieved the leftover funds if there was no project ID.
  • token is the token that was paid.
  • amount is the amount that was paid, as a fixed point number.
  • decimals is the amount of decimals in the amount.
  • leftoverAmount is the amount leftover after all splits were paid.
  • minReturnedTokens is the minimum amount of project tokens expected when paying the project any leftover amount.
  • preferClaimedTokens is a flag indicating if the project tokens resulting from paying the project with leftover funds should be claimed into the beneficiary's wallet.
  • memo is the memo that was forwarded with the payment.
  • metadata is the metadata that was forwarded with the payment.
  • caller is the address that issued the transaction within which the event was emitted.