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Emitted from:


event DeployProjectPayer(
IJBProjectPayer indexed projectPayer,
uint256 defaultProjectId,
address defaultBeneficiary,
bool defaultPreferClaimedTokens,
string defaultMemo,
bytes defaultMetadata,
bool preferAddToBalance,
IJBDirectory directory,
address owner,
address caller
  • projectPayer is the address of the project payer contract that was deployed.
  • defaultProjectId is the ID of the project whose treasury should be forwarded the project payer contract's received payments.
  • defaultBeneficiary is the address that'll receive the project's tokens.
  • defaultPreferClaimedTokens is a flag indicating whether issued tokens should be automatically claimed into the beneficiary's wallet.
  • defaultMemo is the memo that'll be passed along to the emitted event.
  • defaultMetadata are bytes to send along to the project's data source and delegate, if provided.
  • preferAddToBalance is a flag indicating if received payments should be forwarded to the project's addToBalance function or pay function.
  • directory is the IJBDirectory contract storing directories of terminals and controllers for each project.
  • _owner is the address that owns the project payer contract.
  • caller is the address that issued the transaction within which the event was emitted.